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A new service model, a new look. Meet Advantage

A few months ago, August 26 to be exact, we turned 18. And as every 18-year-old before us has done, we decided it was time to change things up in light of our new-found adulthood.

So, what’s new? Well, for those that attended our Dynamics GP Briefing Event last Thursday, you would have noticed a few things: we have a brand-new service model and a brand-new look!

All under one roof

Historically, Advantage has had four key business units that operated in siloes: GP, CRM, NAV and Managed Services. And while this business model meant that clients got highly specialised services and insights within each of these four areas, we were finding that there was something lacking in this approach, a bigger picture that was being missed. Increasingly we found ourselves wanting to give clients a 360 approach. As Mark Howe, Advantage’s Managing Director put it, “We wanted to move away from being product led to being solution led. GP, CRM, NAV, these are tools – they’re a first step in the right direction. Our people; account managers, support team, all of us - that’s what’s special about Advantage, it's our expertise that makes these products as valuable as they are. Why limit ourselves to having GP only account managers, or CRM only support when each of us is constantly training, learning and getting involved with all of the products that we use? That got me thinking, why not restructure our team so they're focused on finding the best solutions for our clients, rather than limiting them to just one product?'

And that’s where we are today. At Advantage it isn’t about CRM, NAV, Managed Services or GP, it’s about you. It’s about making sure you have the best solution/s in order to grow your business and achieve your objectives. We’re here to make your life easier. And with Brexit, GDPR, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, Cyber-security and many, many other things just on the horizon, the corporate landscape in the United Kingdom is changing, almost at lightning speed. Businesses today, and more importantly in the future, will need partners that are agile, comprehensive and customer solutions focused. With all of our sales under the leadership of Justin Bown, all our support and delivery services under David Whitham and managed services under Christo Van Zyl, we are looking forward to providing existing and future clients with a one-stop technical solutions shop that covers all areas of their business.

As our mission statement reads: Our goal at Advantage is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the resources and intelligence they need to make informed, timely and strategic decisions that help their business prosper in an ever-changing corporate environment. 

Our new look

With all of the changes to our service model and the way we run our business, we thought it the perfect time to get ourselves a brand-new look, one that represents who we are today. So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to our brand-new logo:


Transform the way you work

As our mission statement explained, our whole purpose is to provide you with the resources and intelligence you need to make the best decisions possible for your business, at the right time. We do this by partnering up with clients and learning about their business intimately. We conduct detailed assessments that allow us to see where your company is today and what you need to do to achieve your objectives and get to where you want to be tomorrow.

How you get to where you want to be all comes down to how you work. By providing you with the right tools, an expert project management and implementation team, and a dedicated support channel we are able to transform the way you work.

If you’d like to find out more about how Advantage can transform the way you work, talk to us today.

Words by Camilo Lascano Tribin