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5 of the most significant Ransomware groups of 2021 & how they are targeting your business!

If you are a business owner, there are no doubts that you understand the ongoing cybersecurity threats that all businesses are facing in the modern world. 

It is also very common to read more about multinational businesses falling victim to ransomware attacks. 

Furthermore, even the World Economic Forum has mentioned that COVID pails when compared to what we could face in our heavily reliant technology world from a cyber-attack. 

This is why as an IT managed service provider, we dedicate ourselves to safeguarding our customers against such threats. Despite this, we also feel that we have a duty of care to the broader business world. 

Being aware of the threats you face can make it much easier for you to make the best decisions when it comes to technology solutions and which ones are worth implementing across your business. 

In our latest blog article, we are going to make you aware of the top 5 dangerous ransomware groups of 2021. 

Maze aka ChaCha 

Maze ransomware was first discovered in 2019 and is responsible for over 33% of all attacks that are taking place. 

The Maze group demanded millions of dollars from a state bank in Latin America – the question you should be thinking about is if a bank can get hacked, what are the chances that the same thing will happen to me? 

Conti Ransomware 

Conti was first discovered in 2019 and is responsible for over 13% of all ransomware attacks. 

The funny thing about Conti is the fact that when they hold a business to ransom, they will also offer ways that they can improve their security to stop future breaches which is very weird indeed. 

Revil Ransomware 

This is group is based in Asia and is responsible for 11% of all attacks. The main industries that are largely impacted by this group are engineering and manufacturing closely followed by finance and professional services. This ransomware has attacked a couple of high-profile IT service providers and significantly impacted on their client base. 

Here’s another question for you: how secure is your IT provider? Would they be able to safeguard your business if they were attacked? Be sure to check with them! 

Netwalker Ransomware 

The group behind this type of ransomware have secured over $25 million by focusing their attacks on a large volume of business users. Police managed to seize and arrest the perpetrator on charges of trying to extort over $27 million. 

DoppelPaymer Ransomware 

This group mainly targets healthcare, emergency services as well as education services. The group hit the news after they targeted Delaware County and pocketed over $500,000. 

So now you know all 5 of the top ransomware groups, what do they all have in common? Simple, they all lock and encrypt files on business networks. 

If you are concerned about becoming a victim of a ransomware attack, there a few things that you can do to reduce the risk somewhat. 

Activities such as regularly patching all of your Microsoft Windows devices to ensure they are all up to date and secure. This is where Advantage can help your business as we’ve got the software that can help ensure that all your Windows related devices are fully patched up. 

Other ways that you can reduce the risks include: regularly checking your backup solution as well as testing it to make sure that you are able to fully restore it. You certainly don’t want to be receiving a call from someone that has suffered a Ransomware attack that doesn’t have a full backup of their data in the Cloud. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business looking for help or advice on how to reduce your businesses risk of being targeted by Ransomware through our Cyber Security solutions and dedicated IT support then please get in touch with us today for some friendly advice. 

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