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5 of the best cyber security tips to keep you safe & secure whilst home working

The last few weeks has seen an explosion of home working, some people have been doing it for years and some are now doing it for the first time. 

But whether you are a seasoned pro or not, it’s always a good idea to take security seriously, even more so if you don’t have a company firewall between you and the outside world. So we thought we’d put some tips together for you. 
1 - When you’re at work you always lock your screen (don’t you?) if you step away from your desk. Do the same at home, your children may not steal information but a few fumbled presses and secure data is on its way around the globe. 

2 - You have a secure password on your work desktop, apply the same reasoning to your home laptop, especially if this is now your default work device. Stop using password because it’s easy for the kids to remember. 

3 - If you’re connecting your work computer to your home network, make sure you don’t make it visible to other computers in the network and if you need to add it to the HomeGroupturn the option to share files off. 

4 - Make sure you have access to your organisation’s cloud infrastructure through a VPN with encryption. 

5 – In the current climate you may expect to see a rise in whaling attacks, so if you see an email from your boss asking to transfer money, make sure it is a legitimate request and not a spoof. 

Some questions to consider asking your IT department for an extra level of security 

1 - Are you supposed to keep everything up to date on your laptop or can your IT department do it for you remotely? 

2 - Check with your IT department on whether you need to install additional solutions such as a security program for your PC? 

3 - If you’re using an Android or iPhone device for work, should you download security software that can protect your phone?  

4 - How is your work backed up? Are you saving to the cloud or is it all on your laptop? 

And remember 

It’s not going to last forever, it may seem like we’re in it for the long haul but before you know it you’ll be back in the office wishing you were at home! 

Take time to enjoy working from home, savour the fact you aren’t commuting and stay safe. 

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