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Windows 7 Patches Costs: Time to upgrade?

For large businesses that have not updated from Windows 7 they can expect a sharp increase in costs for updates from January 2020. Microsoft previously announced last year that there will be paid Windows 7 Extended Security Updates on a per-device basis for the larger companies after Windows 7 support concludes in January 14th 2020.

There had been relatively little information about prices aside from the statement that the Windows 7 support will become more expensive as time goes on. Microsoft have briefed some partners on the Extended Support Updates (ESUs) which will be more expensive for Pro version users compared to Windows 7 Enterprise.

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates 



Windows Enterprise (add on)

Windows 7 Pro

Year 1 (Jan’20-Jan’21)



Year 2 (Jan ’21-Jan’22)



Year 3 (Jan ’22 – Jan ’23)




  • Yearly price gives access to cumulative security updates over 12 months
  • Purchases in years 2 and 3 require payments for of prior year(s)
  • Ubiquitous availability in all programs and channels (VL, CSP)
  • No minimum purchase necessary

For those that use Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 customers Microsoft will provide Windows 7 ESUs as an “add-on” according to the apparent information shared with sales people. The price for the Windows Enterprise (add on) and Windows 7 Pro double each year from Year 1. As previously indicated the mentioned the price for Windows 7 Pro will be considerably higher (although these prices are rumoured and not confirmed officially as of yet).

This means that customers will receive cumulative years with no minimum purchase required. These ESUs will only be available for larger business and education customers, including security updates for Windows 7 over the course of the year, if you want to purchase ESU’s in Year 2 or 3 you will need to pay for a Pro license. There will be options available to any Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise users with volume-licensing agreements. Office 365 ProPlus will continue to work on devices with Windows 7 ESUs through January 2023.  

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