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What new capabilities are coming to the Business Central 2018 update? Part 2

Microsoft are launching their new update of Business Central and is due for release in October. In part one of this series we looked at some of the new capabilities the update will bring. In part two we explore more of the benefits that come with this exciting new update.

Improved grid with additional copy and paste

Dynamics 365 Business Central has improved grid scalability and ability to copy and paste rows to increase the efficiency of your work in lists.
Back-office workers often spend significant time working with lists: analysing anomalies, trends, entering and modifying data. As the database grows it is imperative that the experience remains intuitive and enables users to do the work to the best of their ability. Repetitive tasks like data entry can be accelerated by copying data earlier by utilising industry standard keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + C and other shortcuts found here to increase productivity. You can also copy data to a clipboard which facilitates moving data across different software boundaries, such as pasting a list of discounted items into an email to a customer or client.

The way data is fetched and how lists are displayed has been rewritten, allowing grids to scale to more rows and columns. This makes it quicker navigating across grid cells. With rows being preloaded quicker it makes for a seamless experience, where users can scroll to any position in the list using the keyboard or scroll bar with the date being displayed instantaneously.

Enhanced Power BI Embedded Experience

Business Central has given you the power to define your own permission sets outside of our own predefined permission sets. You are now able to add, delete and modify these sets according to your own preferences and business needs.

From the lists of permission sets, you can add new and copy previously existing permission sets. If you copy an existing permission set, you can choose to be notified if the original permission set has been changed.

Improved Visual Studio Code AL Experience And Enhancements

The Business Central October ’18 release adds productivity enhancements to development experience as well as support for other extension scenarios. These enhancements to the tooling and extension capabilities allows developers to be more productive when developing and troubleshooting solutions. This enables you to have more options to meet customers customisation requirements using extensions. There is now backward compatibility and versioning check. The AL extension is now faster and more responsive when working with larger projects containing a larger range of object extensions or files.

Cloud Sandboxes With Production Data

The new release adds the ability to create a cloud sandbox based on a copy of the latest cloud backup of the production data. In order to minimise cross – talk with other integrations set up in the production data, these integrations will be disabled when the sandbox is created. Admin users can enable or reconfigure these integrations as need to support their intended cloud sandbox use.

Increased Event Discoverability

A common challenge is understanding which events are available in a given user flow. If these are debugged it can help, however it will only show events already being subscribed to. To overcome this there is a new event tracer in the client. Now a user flow can be recorded to list events that were raised, and the developer can have subscriber codes for the event generated for simple copy into AL code.

IntelliSense Enhancements

All properties in AL, both on hover and in IntelliSense, now have help links that redirect you to the related online documentation, improving work efficiency. The documentation for AL language constructs is autogenerated and used for both online reference documentation and IntelliSense which ensures up to date and aligned documentation.

Debugger Enhancements

You can now use the common Break or Error, similar to the legacy Dynamics NAV debugger as well as Break on Write. In addition to this you can also go to definition in the base application code and set breakpoints there if you wish.

This concludes part two of some of the new features coming to the Dynamics 365 Business Central update in October. With these enhancements creating greater efficiency in many different areas maybe it’s time for your business to upgrade.

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