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What new capabilities are coming to the Business Central 2018 update?

With the scheduled upcoming Dynamics 365 Business Central update we look at some of the new functionality users will be able to enjoy.

NB: It is important to note that the below points are subject to change.

Business Central Everywhere

With the October ’18 release, Microsoft are bringing the Business Central web – based modern productivity features and user experience to the on-premise and hybrid customers that will be upgrading from Dynamic NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Users connecting to on – premise, hybrid or cloud deployments of Business Central (regardless of how they connect) will benefit from the same productive user interface with a refreshed look and features.This ensures a slick transition and shorter learning curve for new-employee onboarding as well as new capabilities of cloud and AI – powered insights and data analytics for the Business Central customer.

There is also a Dynamics 365 Business Central universal app that is able to connect to the cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments of Business Central. This app is available for:

• Android (tablet and phone)
• Windows 10 (desktop, tablet and phone)
• iOS (tablet and phone)

The full desktop mode is supported on computers running Windows 10.

Refreshed Desktop Experience

A fresh new look and interface now makes Business Central easier to use. The new look focuses on taking full advantage of screen space, better data visibility and readability and smoother navigation through the entire application.

Improved Productivity In Lists

Business Central now helps you become more productive when filtering, navigating, or entering tabular data. Additionally, you are able to show more columns and personalisation of the freeze pane. Microsoft has also addressed some issues that further drive productivity such as advanced filtering, limit totals, row-based copy and paste and improved keyboard navigation and shortcuts.

Grids have also received an overhaul making them more responsive and scalable to more business data. Cumulatively these changes make a large increase to day-to-day productivity for Business Central users ensuring that moving to the cloud does not mean losing productivity but can increase it.

Improved Search Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Business Central has become easier to navigate. There is now a broadened search scope, improvements to the logic that search uses and have made it easier to determine if the results are relevant.
The Search field replaces the Search for Page or Report field which can be used to find objects such as pages and reports but also actions and product documentation. The logic behind the search has also been improved with search results offering abstracts that clarify each item in the result.

Advanced Filtering

Work efficiently with Dynamics 365 Business Central by influencing calculations and applying filters to multiple fields.

There can be a lot of time wasted working with inefficient lists when modifying data, analysing trends and anomalies or looking for specific records. Whilst a quick search can reduce the list by finding the closest matches users may need a higher degree of control as more data is input and the business database grows. Business Central provides accelerated list-related tasks by providing total control over filtering in an intuitive and modern experience.

The new filter pane is easy to learn and allows you to switch between predefined filtered views of your list and you are able to adjust a view by adding your own filters or starting from scratch with your own set of requirements.

Filter pane allows users to:

• Filter to the current cell value in the list.
• Create complex filters using operators, ranges, variables and shorthand.
• Get assistance with specifying filter values using lookups or the fields data type.
• Add as many filtered columns as you wish by typing quickly search for more fields on the source table.
• Get an overview of the currently applied filters, see if they are set by you, by filter view or by the application itself to understand your current configuration in depth.

Limit Totals

An extremely popular feature from Dynamics NAV now is implemented on Business Central. Lists often displayed aggregate or computed values such as currency amount totals. This gives you a stronger level of control through which filters can applied to one or more dimensions that influence computer values. This can be used in combination with sort, filters and search to explore gives an overview from which you can analyse all your data.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to create compound filters without leaving your current list? You can now do this using shortcuts to navigate across cells and then filter to the currently focused value, or clear the filter on the current column with a variety of keyboard shortcut combinations including the Alt + F3 shortcut to filter to the current value. To find out more useful Dynamics 365 Central Keyboard Shortcuts read our tips and tricks article here.

There are more features the Business Central 2018 will include and we will be exploring those in part two of this feature.

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