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What can your business achieve with Power Automate?

If you didn’t already know, Microsoft Power Automate is a centralised location used to enable your business to automate workflows on a mass scale. This platform is full of functionality & features that allow your business to accelerate the use of your favourite apps & services, making it an extremely useful part of your technological armoury. Collate data, move data between apps. Easily synchronise files, produce leads and better still transform the way that you work. 

Power Automate which was previously Microsoft Flow simplifies all of your tedious day to day tasks that you don’t want to spend time on, so you can concentrate on the actions that matter. Through the use of automation for your most important jobs, you are able to create comprehensive workflows, improve productivity and upscale your business. Is this hard to do you ask? No, you don’t need some form of science degree in data engineering to be able to use Power Automate as it doesn’t use any code. 

In our latest blog article, we will take you through some of the more useful Power Automate features that will help to transform your business now and well into the future and justify why you need to come to a Microsoft Gold partner like Advantage to achieve the desired results. 

So just what is Power Automate? 

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based application in Office 365 that allows you to create automated workflows between multiple applications and digital services to increase user efficiency. This is achieved through the use of many connectors that allows data to be shifted between different locations (stored within the Dataverse to keep it secure). Furthermore, Power Automate is just one of the four products that formulate the overarching Microsoft Power Platform

In terms of the connectors that can be used in Power Automate please find some examples below: 

  • OneDrive for Business 
  • Microsoft SharePoint 
  • Office 365 Outlook 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Microsoft Outlook 

Through the use of these connectors, you can build automated workflows that can power your business. After you have built a workflow, Power Automate will do the rest of the work. To put this into context here are some day-to-day examples: 

  • Save Outlook attachments to OneDrive 
  • Save email attachments to a SharePoint document library. 
  • Save Office 365 attachments to OneDrive for Business. 

It goes without saying but there are many more workflows available with Power Automate continuing to add new creations all the time. 

NB: Why not take Power Automate’s functionality one step further by syncing up your data with Microsoft Azure

What benefits can be achieved through the use of Power Automate? 

One of the best things about Power Automate is the fact that it makes use of a process called Robotic Process Automation to build automated workflows. What this does is to reduce the frustrations associated with creating workflows in your business. Connectors also come in to make the process much more streamlined allowing you to move data between two or more apps or services. Furthermore, as we’ve mentioned above, Power Automate doesn’t use any code, becoming even more valuable for businesses without the need for any additional resources. 

Moreover by using Power Automate can make it much simpler to share data between colleagues and with it comes significant time savings. Your business might be a little apprehensive about moving potentially sensitive data between applications, however you can be rest assured that Power Automate is 100% secure. As a result of this, you also full under the regulations of GDPR. 

So why do I need to use a Power Automate partner for this? 

Despite the fact that Power Automate can be a powerful platform for businesses, you still require the right sort of tech, tools as well as techniques to join all the dots together. Therefore, if you choose to use a partner such as Advantage you can achieve the following benefits: 

  • Save time & money 
  • Experience no downtime whatsoever 
  • Keep your data secure and data compliant 
  • Seamlessly integrate Power Automate into your business 
  • Provide your colleagues with suitable training on how to use Power Automate 

Final Comments 

It goes without saying that Power Automate can streamline workflows for many different apps and services, improving the overall productivity in your business. Furthermore, this suite of tools can automate tedious day to day tasks so you can focus on more important tasks. 

Is your business looking to implement Microsoft Power Automate? Here at Advantage, we are able to provide your business with a whole host of Power Automate solutions to help you automate certain aspects of your business to not only improve your performance but also your overall productivity. Interested in taking this conversation further? Why not give us a call today

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