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Microsoft to kill off Edge for a new browser

Microsoft are set to announce a new browser which will replace Edge later this week. The new browser will be built on the Chromium engine and act as the default browser for Windows 10.  

After its release three years ago Edge has been struggling with issues such as regular complaints of crashes , lack of compatibility and lack of extensions. However, the new browser will be built on Chromium and should perform as well as Google Chrome with improved web compatibility for Windows.  

Although the official name of the new browser is yet to be announced (although the project is currently codenamed Anaheim) Microsoft engineers have been committing code to the Chromium project which will result in Chrome being moved closer towards running on an ARM processor and the new browser running on Windows 10 on ARM.  


Is Edge Dead? 


Edge has a smaller market share than 4% and Microsoft are keen to close the distance on the market leader Chrome with the competitor already capturing two-thirds of the desktop browser market.  

This should be a good move forward for Windows 10 users and Microsoft users. The open source Chromium source allows the browser to be up to modern standards without having to redesign the formula, as Microsofts attempted to do for their own release of Edge with its EdgeHTML formatting. This will be a step toward refreshing the Windows 10 built-in web browser for users across PC’s and phones whereas Edge on iOS and Android already uses rendering engines native to these selected platforms, meaning that there will not be much change for either of these.  

With this new browser dedicated Microsoft fans can finally move towards having a fully committed and unified Microsoft ecosystem within their businesses, or for personal use, and will no longer need to use other internet browser competitors such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera for their internet needs.  

Excited to see what Microsoft have in store for this new browser and to see how it works? The new release is rumoured to be sometime this week, stay tuned for functionality updates and the official name imminently.  


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