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Chromium edge preview

The all new Chromium-powered Edge browser is now available to test for the public due to early preview versions of the software. The idea is that the early release software will not only allow customers to get a taster of the functionality and features but to also allow developers to test the compatibility with other applications, a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to making sure their solutions are the best they can be.  


The two branches available to download will be Dev (updated with new code every week) or Canary (which has daily updates).  The open -source web engine Chromium is set to increase compatibility for customers as well as reduce complexity and fragmentation for web developers allowing for a wide variety of possibilities.  


Popular browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi’s browsers are built from Chromium with a focus on security and privacy which has become an ever more prominent priority. Currently, the preview for the new Chromium Edge will only be available for Window 10 devices with versions for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and MacOS coming later for consumers.  


There are said to be several key features for the new Chromium Edge, rumoured functionality includes safer browsing and an API that integrates with Google Drive. Microsoft have also committed to over 300 merges of the Chromium codebase with the vision to continually contribute as part of Edge’s development. With several important updates such as Teams and extra collaboration features  as well as the Windows 10 office app it is clear that Microsoft are continuing to be on the cutting edge of technology with most of their solutions underpinning the majority of key business and consumer activities.  


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