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How your business can tackle cybercrime through user awareness

One of the biggest cyber risks to your business is the lack of awareness that your employees have about cyber-attacks. 

With this threat level rising all the time, ongoing user awareness is a vital element in helping to keep your business secure at all times. 

In our latest blog article, we will provide you with 3 of the best ways that you can help to increase the awareness of a cyberattack in your business. 

Simulated Attacks 

One of the first ways to increase awareness is through simulated phishing attacks that can provide staff with tell-tale signs on how to spot a fake email. There are a number of tailored cyber awareness training packages available that include simulating a phishing attack on a group of users in your business. 

It goes without saying that these simulated attacks can be planned in advance and make use of some of the more common security weaknesses that can be exploited to encourage a user to click on a link within an email. 

These types of simulated attacks can also be used on an ongoing basis to allow you to gain an understanding of where the biggest risks are in your business. 

Risk Scoring 

In accordance with the simulation above, risk can then be analysed to provide an overall risk score against individuals. This score is determined by whether they open and then click on a simulated email which then helps to showcase who is more likely to open future emails from unknown sources.  

Ongoing Training 

Following the above stage of the process, the risk score is in place for all users in your business, from here, you can simply decide which users need which training and testing to help improve the knowledge of those employees with a high-risk score. 


It goes without saying that both risk scoring and training should be a priority in your workplace. The different types of phishing emails that bypass your cyber security are always evolving, therefore having a workforce that are aware and can easily identify these threats is very much an investment worth paying for to help secure your business technology and avoid any unwanted security breaches. 

If you would like to discuss tailored cyber awareness traininghow to get your business Cyber Security certified or any other tailored cyber security solutions that Advantage can provide your business then please get in touch with our team of IT professionals today

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