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How Microsoft Power Apps can meet the requirements of charities/not-for-profits

It is important to understand that building custom apps isn’t just for those enterprise level businesses who have endless budgets and specialist IT teams at their disposal. SMEs and charities can use them to meet certain challenges and become more efficient through the use of apps that are customised for their specific needs that can be created in low code platforms such as Microsoft Power Apps. 

In our latest blog article, we will take you through how Microsoft Power Apps can help your charity or not for profit to meet your specific needs. 

Before we delve into this, let’s clarify exactly what Microsoft Power Apps are? 

Microsoft PowerApps allow you and your workers to create highly effective applications with a simplistic point-and-click approach to design with no coding experience needed. Simplify your tiresome business processes into easily manageable applications that are created to solve your business pain points. Select from a wide range of templates or start from scratch. Seamlessly connect your app to data and add logic. From here, you can then publish your app to the web, iOS, Android & many more.   

So, what benefits can charities/not-for-profits gain from using Microsoft Power Apps? 

Power Apps can help to streamline operations and improve efficiency 

It can be often the case in charities where they must deal with highly manual and labour intensive tasks that need to be carried out regularly. Being able to make a difference in the world is already difficult as you need to have lots of resources at your disposal. You are struggling to manage your workloads as you have to constantly be sending out thank you emails to donors or creating new marketing lists for your supporters. This is where Microsoft Power Apps can help as you are able to automate and manage processes whilst at the same time gaining valuable insights into your charity, thus enabling you to focus on much more valuable tasks. 

To put this context in the form of an example, when an investor donates to your charity/not-for-profit, you could create a custom app that automatically generates the thank you email. Taking this one step further, you can also produce a mechanism that will send round documents to your workforce to make sure that everyone has everything they need on time. 

Power Apps give organisations a platform that has endless opportunities 

Have you ever been under the impression that the solutions you currently use are holding back the opportunities available for your charity? Put simply, using technology that doesn’t meet your requirements can limit how much your team can achieve. If you are being held back by these tools, it can often be tricky to meet the overall long-term goals of the charity. 

The great thing about Power Apps is the fact that the world is your oyster, in terms of what your team can achieve through them. You can easily build a solution if you are able to imagine it to allow you to put the building blocks in place. 

Every idea meeting you have won’t involve things that can’t be done. Therefore, your employees can think outside the box with their ideas, broadening their problem-solving abilities as well as improving your chances of being successful now and in the future. 

Power Apps gives charities/not-for-profits the chance to create their own apps and solutions 

It is of the utmost importance to your charity that you make use of technology that can help you to meet your goal of assisting in solving problems that you are looking to address. Given how unique your work is as a charity, there aren’t loads of technological options that can help meet your specific needs. This may have led to you going down the road of trying to bring together three or four apps with none of them doing what you need them to do. 

The above problems are solved through the use of Power Apps as it allows your team to build new solutions that are designed specifically to meet specific needs. You can even build apps that meet charity challenges such as internal company issues or external problems that need resolving. This will help you to boost your productivity and help your charity/not-for-profit to meet its objectives faster than it did previously. 

Power Apps can help you to reduce costs 

Ask yourself this, how much technology related software do you think your charity/not-for-profit is paying for currently? How much of this software that you are paying for on a monthly basis is actually helping to solve your problems? Following on from this, what if you could pay a lower fee for one solution that could give you extra functionality and power? This is where Microsoft Power Apps comes in to help you collate expenses whilst at the same time getting solutions that can deliver for you. What this means is that you can just pay for one package and have solutions that are specifically designed to meet your requirements. This enables you to allocate more resources to support the main causes you are working on. 

Power Apps are extremely safe & secure 

For any charities or not-for-profits, data security is absolutely vital. You are likely to have potentially sensitive information on your investors, donors or supporters. You have to make sure that all your data security is up to date and up to scratch in order to make sure that all personal information is secure at all times. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a charity or not-for-profit that has read the above article and are looking to transform the way you work through the use of Microsoft Power Apps then talk to our Power Apps experts now to find out what can be achieved and how we can help you. 

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