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Has your Dynamics NAV/Business Central Support been slightly off following The NAV People’s recent takeover

If you didn’t already know, we’ve recently reviewed the news that The NAV People, the UK based Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central Partner were taken over last July by Node4, an international IT company. 

I am currently with the NAV People for NAV/Business Central Support, should I be concerned? 

If you feel that the answer to the above is no, then you may wish to review all the options that are open to your business. It goes without saying but you have probably selected your partner for a reason and being taken over by an international IT company probably wasn’t what you expected to happen. You may or may not have already seen a drop off in the level of service you have received since the takeover last July, potentially impacting your business. 

Your business more than likely selected your current Microsoft Dynamics partner after months of research or even shopped around with different Microsoft Gold partners and compared prices before taking the final decision. 

Then you learn a bit later that the partner has been taken over and that all that research and due diligence you had done counts for nothing, as you have no idea how this new partner will perform or whether they will or will not have a negative impact on your business. Something of which you may or may not have already experienced. 

Put simply, this means that you are unlikely to have that personal aspect that you chose, so it might be the right time to take a moment to reflect and perhaps look elsewhere to see what other partners are out there can appreciate your business and are not looking to sell at the drop of a hat. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a current NAV People customer and have looked at the above and are keen to look at all your options then simply get in touch with our team today to learn how we could help your business or enable you to come and try out our Dynamics support for FREE

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