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Are you experiencing an error message using Jet Reports/Analytics with a Business Central Cloud data connection?

If you are using Jet Reports or Jet Analytics with a Business Central Cloud data connector you are likely to be experiencing an error message in the product as a result of a change Microsoft made recently.  

Given the change that Microsoft has made, you will not be able to use the product until this has been resolved using the steps outlined further down the article. 

What has Microsoft changed? 

You will find that Microsoft has officially deprecated a Microsoft permission on the Jet Reports/Analytics app registrations called Azure AD Graph. 

Following this change, a new app registration was built with the correct API permissions as insightsoftware as in the past, apps were published using Jet Global Data Technologies which means they are now showing correctly as a verified publisher. 

What does this change mean for Jet Reports/Analytics users who make use of a Business Central Cloud data connection? 

If you are using Jet Reports and looking to authenticate or run reports, you may find that you see one of the following errors appear: 

  • This account requires multi-factor authentication, and your Jet Hub environment is not currently setup to support multi-factor authentication. 
  • You are not authorised to access this data source. You must sign-in using your Office 365 credentials for authorisation. 
  • This error is the result of us changing the Jet Reports Business Central extension to use the tenant. This allowed us to publish it as a verified app. Invoking the web service failed with the following message: 
    • Exception of type ‘Jet.Shared.NavWebServiceOffice365AuthorizationMultiFactorAuth was thrown. 

So, how do I resolve this issue? 

In order to resolve this issue, all the user has to do is to simply log out and log back in. You can do this by going to ‘Excel’ followed by ‘Jet’ then select ‘Settings’ then ‘Data Source Settings’ followed by ‘Authentication’ then ‘Log out’ and go back to ‘Log in’. Once you have logged in you will be prompted with a permission request which will need to be accepted to allow you to log in, this action will need to be completed just once by each user in your business. 

*If you are using Jet Analytics, the user will be automatically prompted to log back in which won’t show an error, however they will still need to accept the new permissions request. 

If you find that you receive a message saying that admin approval is needed, the Azure Active Directory Admin will need to give admin consent for the new Jet Reports app to enable users to sign in against it. 

Granting Consent (if required) 

To do this, the Azure Active Directory Admin will need to consent by logging into Business Central through Jet Reports by following ‘Jet’ then ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Data Source Settings’ then ‘Authentication’ and lastly ‘Log in’. After this action has been completed you will find there is an option to give consent to the application being used in the tenant. 

Next Steps? 

If you are having problems completing the above actions to get your Jet Reports/Analytics application working again with Business Central then please talk to our team today

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