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A comparison: why should you consider making the move from Sophos Endpoint Protection to SentinelOne?

When it comes to picking which endpoint security solution is right for your business it can often be a tricky decision to decide which option on the market best aligns with your overall business goals & objectives.  

To help you with this decision, in this blog article, we are going to compare two of the best endpoint solutions on the market: SentinelOne & Sophos Endpoint Protection. 

Before we get into the features of both solutions, we are going to briefly give you an overview of each solution. 

What is SentinelOne? 

Put simply, SentinelOne brings together prevention detection, response, remediation and forensics in one platform which is brought life through artificial intelligence. Through the use of SentinelOne businesses are able to detect malicious behaviour across a number of vectors, quickly eliminating threats through automated responses and able to adapt their defences to even the most sophisticated cyberattacks. 

What is Sophos Endpoint Protection? 

Sophos Interpt X is a platform that is used to both detect and nullify endpoint threats. It primarily focuses on providing a simple and secure platform. Furthermore, it gives one accessible management console for IT departments to manage all IT devices which the client is able to run either in the cloud or on-premise. Its mantra focuses on automating the process of identifying threats, isolating them to stop them spreading and removing them from all devices. 

Now that we’ve provided an overview of what each endpoint solution does, we are now going to compare the two sets of features. 

SentinelOne Features 

Sophos Endpoint Protection Features 

ActiveEDR enables users to follow threats in real time as and when they occur. 

Good threat protection against the threats of ransomware and credential theft with the use of machine learning algorithms powering automated defences. 

Respond & Recover at machine like speed. Easily maintain context for easy threat hunting. 

Administration console in the Cloud manages all endpoints but also integrates with other Sophos platforms. 

OS and Deployment Diversity – One of the widest platform coverages on the market covering Windows, Mac and Linux largely in the Cloud however on-premise versions are available. 

Comprehensive protection against malware as well as malicious web traffic. 

Provides over 300 APIs to allow comprehensive and seamless integrations. 

Numerous policies are in place in the admin console such as web filtering and application controls. 

SentinelOne’s patented technology collates all behaviours and indexes all actions into a storyline on the agent with a touch of a button. 

Good standard of performance with typical update downloads of under 30kb to reduce disruption and keep storage low. 

Game changing security analysts – Analysts are able to work faster, deliver on high priorities, instead of wasting time searching for broad threats that are hard to find. 

Tailored product purchasing to allow customers to pick cloud-based management that includes reporting and allows them to upgrade to the Intercept Endpoint Protection should they wish to. 

Reduced alerts – Malicious attempts are stopped straight away, reducing risk and alert fatigue which often occurs across other EDR products. 


5 X cheaper than Sophos Endpoint Protection 


As you can see from the above comparison table, it is pretty clear that SentinelOne is the way to go when it comes to endpoint security as it is over 5 x cheaper than Sophos Endpoint Protection as well as providing a whole host of leading features that cannot be matched by Sophos Endpoint Protection. 

Next Steps? 

If you have read the above comparison table and are wanting to sign up for SentinelOne for the very first time or if you are currently using Sophos Endpoint Protection and are looking to move to SentinelOne then please give our team of Endpoint Security experts a call today to discuss how we can help your business. 

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