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  • SentinelOne

    Protect information assets against today’s sophisticated threats through the use of the SentinelOne endpoint security solution. 

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What is SentinelOne?

SentinelOne is a comprehensive enterprise level security platform that gives threat detection, hunting & response features that allows businesses to discover security vulnerabilities and protect IT operations from attack. 

Better still one of key solutions that is available from SentinelOne is its singularity platform designed to offer endpoint protection. The way in which the platform works is by enabling hunting threats across complicated enterprise architecture possible. Businesses often use the Singularity platform to gain valuable insights into the security situation of enterprise networks.

Furthermore, the platform also helps to protect, detect and respond as well as providing comprehensive cloud security to all of its end users. Taking this one step further, SentinelOne businesses are able to rollback infected endpoints to before they occurred making this solution a superb data recovery and disaster mitigation tool. 

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What are the key features of the SentinelOne Singularity Platform?

The following features are included as part of it: 

  • Fully SaaS implementation with the choice of locality (US, EU etc) 
  • Flexible administrative authentication and authorisation: SSO, MFA, RBAC 
  • Admin easily customisable to align with your business structure 
  • A full year of threat incident coverage history 
  • Fully integrated SentinelOne Threat Intelligence & Mitre Attack Threat Indicators 
  • Data-driven Dashboard Security 
  • Configurable notifications by email and syslog 
  • Single API with 340+ functions 

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What are the benefits of SentinelOne (Singularity Platform)?

Improved security

Better endpoint security across all your enterprise assets. 

Reduced risk of data loss

Protection from data losses as a result of hacking. 

Improved performance

Increased performance through extended data representation (XDR). 

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