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We're delighted to reveal that we will be running our SharperLight for Beginners training course in March.


If you are relatively new to SharperLight or are looking for a refresher then this training course is for you!

The one day course will introduce you to the basic principles of Sharperlight and will cover the following topics:

  • SharperLight - how it works
  • Web Service Overview
  • Query Builder
    • Building queries
    • Filters
    • Mode
    • Product
    • Tables
    • Lookups
    • And much, much more
  • Creation of Report Rows
    • Filter Criteria
    • Hiding Rows
    • Formulas
    • Formatting row names
    • Formatting outputs
  • Query Builder with Report Rows
    • Report Rows Headers
    • Filters
    • Adding sub-queries 
    • And much, much more
  • Publisher
  • Excel
  • Published Queries
  • Web Reports
  • Dashboards