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We're delighted to announce our next training course for 2022 which we will be running in March.


Our brand new Dynamics GP System Manager training course is aimed at Dynamics GP Super Users and IT staff that are required to have a good understanding of Dynamics GP's System Management Features.

The one day course will teach trainees about the Microsoft Dynamics GP System Setup, basic SQL Database Data Management, Troubleshooting system setup and support issues and provide an overview of the reporting features available within Dynamics GP. This course will be broken down into the following elements:

System Setup

  • Creating and managing Dynamics GP users
  • Maintaining GP User Security
  • Managing User Homepages
  • System access and a high level of overview of Reporting Tools
  • Emailing GP documents
  • Understanding the Document Attach feature
  • Professional Service Tools Library
  • An Overview of Workflow

SQL Databases

  • Overview of Dynamics GP Databases
  • Backing up and restoring Company Databases
    • With SQL Management Studio
    • Within Dynamics GP
    • Taking a Companies Offline Utility

Other Areas of System Manager's support

  • Batch Recovery
  • Posting Setup
  • Recreating the Management Reporter Data Mart
  • Logging calls effectively to ensure a speedy resolution