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  • Dynamics CRM Business Process Review

    Take your Dynamics 365 journey to the next level with a CRM Business Process review from Advantage. 

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Optimise your business processes for the digital era

The costs associated with standing still in a market can’t be shelved. Advantage’s comprehensive CRM business process review takes SMEs operating in either Sales, Marketing or Customer Services job roles down the road of an optimisation pathway to make sure that all workflows as well as strategies match up with the full functionality offered through Microsoft’s CRM solution. This CRM specific business process review is perfect for both existing Dynamics 365/CRM customers as well as potential CRM customers. 

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Why should your business undergo a CRM Business Process Review?

It goes without saying but businesses are always under the thumb from both stakeholders and competitors to bring down costs whilst at the same time increase effectiveness. For most, managers and their teams can’t usually meet these expectations as many are using outdated and ineffective technologies. This means that the way to improve is often not that clear to them. 

This is where Advantage’s CRM Business Process Review can come in to help as it gives you valuable insights into your business to showcase the bigger digital picture. Given that Dynamics 365 helps you with the optimisation of your business processes, our team of CRM experts can help you to identify areas for improvement and provide you with suitable guidance on how to adjust ineffective systems or workflows. The overall purpose of this is to help you set you on your way towards a solid CRM system which at the same time will help to future proof your business for the ever-changing business environment. 

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How can our CRM Business Process Review help your department heads?


Ineffective business processes can impact on the overall bottom line of your business which in turn piles on the pressure from both stakeholders as well as your competitors. Given that company decision makers aren’t involved in daily decisions regarding processes, it’s often tricky to get involved in what improvements need to be made. To make this very simple for managers, the CRM Business Process Review highlights weak points. 

Sales Managers 

Sales Managers hate outdated processes as they cause problems for their sales teams which leads to both inefficiencies and frustrations. Furthermore, these processes can make it tricky to provide accurate figures for reporting to senior management. Through Advantage, game-changing processes are put into place for sales, enabling efficiency and transparency to be improved whilst at the same time empowering your sales team to focus on workflows that can provide them with the best results. 

Marketing Managers 

Most marketers believe that being data focused is key to increasing lead numbers and market share. What if the data you seek is locked away in silos across the business? What approach do you take when outdated processes stop leads from becoming fully qualified for your sales team? Advantage helps to break silos down and realign all marketing related processes to campaign-aided lead generation and lead nurturing using CRM. 

Customer Service Managers 

The most headaches are caused for customer service managers when customers aren’t happy. It is often the case whereby outdated processes increase levels of dissatisfaction. Keeping customers happy is almost impossible when there are ineffective procedures in place. Advantage’s CRM Business Process review enables you to construct a clear direction towards the implementation of early intervention customer service and workflows that enables your CRM end-users to focus their efforts where they need to. 

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