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  • Dynamics CRM Audit

    Is your Dynamics CRM system working as effectively as it should? Does it support your business goals? Put your mind at rest with a Microsoft CRM audit with Advantage. 

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What is a Dynamics CRM audit?

Put simply, a CRM system audit allows you to assess the effectiveness of a Dynamics 365 / CRM implementation. These types of audits can vary in both scope and depth depending on the requirements of the business. It is worth noting that there are some differentiators which are explained below: 

  • Data audit: The primary purpose of this audit segment is to check the accuracy of data in the CRM and may go one step further & review the quality and depth of data. 
  • Usage audit: The primary purpose of this part of the audit is to identify how often your sales team are using the CRM system as well as this it looks at how often data is being added too. 
  • Fit-for-purpose audit: This part of the audit is used to find out how the CRM configuration aligns with your overall business objectives with a fit-gap analysis being completed quarterly to adjust it based on the changing markets. 
  • Effectiveness: This part of the audit assesses the overall effectiveness of a CRM including reviewing the reasons for moving to it in the first place. 

What does a CRM audit include?

  • Reviewing plans: Discovering why the CRM was implemented as well as understanding how the CRM effectiveness is evaluated. 
  • Assessing data: Reviewing the quality of data and how it is processed. 
  • Identifying gaps: Review any gaps in alignment in between the current CRM capabilities & future requirements. 
  • Utility: Assessing core information within the CRM system to see what is the most useful so its importance can be highlighted. 
  • Results: How the CRM impacts on building favourable results. 
  • Gathering employee feedback: Learning how employees feel about the CRM in place & how the system is used by them. 
  • Understanding business metrics: Analysing business metrics against CRM usage. 
  • Governance: The guidelines that are in place to make sure that the CRM meets its regulatory obligations. 
  • Reporting: How effective the current reporting of data within the system is in showcasing the results. 

What are the benefits of a CRM audit?

Identify weaknesses in your CRM

It helps you identify weaknesses in your CRM system and we are able to sit down and suggest useful improvements. 

Keep your CRM on track

It helps you to maintain system health and keep your processes in line against your business objectives. 

Improve decision making

It helps you to be able to make better decisions as you will have more accurate & informative data at your fingertips. 

Transform the way you work

The technology you use to power your business should be helping you succeed, not getting in your way. If you want to transform the way you work and get the most out of your business, get in touch with Advantage today.

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