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Your Chosen Partner for Leading People Experience 

Take a different approach to working with a bespoke solution for your business to help spread the word of your business and the success of your employees. 

This will help to provide you with the following: 

  • Satisfy your customers by effectively and efficiently being able to handle prioritised work and deliver leading advice. 
  • Transform your business with leading project planning, making sure that no additional costs are added against the budget. 
  • Spending less time on low value admin tasks by having project templates in place, automated time tracking & e-invoicing at your fingertips. 
  • Powerful & leading solution tailored to the needs of your business straight out of the box and ready to use. 
  • Cloud based solution constructed in Microsoft’s platform allowing your business to maximise your benefits from this platform. 
  • Streamlined customer experience with just one solution that gives you an end-to-end business flow and native integrations into O365 & other collaboration applications. 


Achieve Tangible Business Value

Secure more projects

Monitor client communications, manage your pipeline and liaise with your new and existing customers.

Deliver profitable projects

Create projects and budgets, plan project schedules and check project health with built-in performance reporting.

Maximise your resources

Find people and engagements via a built-in matching engine & have an overview of your firm's resource utilisation.

Bill more accurately & efficiently

Consolidate billing from a variety of different projects and get single invoice billing and batch invoicing.

Transform the way you work

The technology you use to power your business should be helping you succeed, not getting in your way. If you want to transform the way you work and get the most out of your business, get in touch with Advantage today.

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