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Your Trusted Partner for Transforming Customer Experience

Transform the way you work by using a different approach to work with a tailored solution designed specifically for your business & expand the reach of your business & people success. 

This will help to provide you with the following: 

  • Please customers by being able to prioritise & provide expert advice 
  • Improve your business with better visibility on budgets & projects to reduce any loss in billable time. 
  • Minimise time on admin tasks with project templates, automated time tracking & e-invoicing. 
  • Useful, experience backed solution specifically tailored for your business ready to go straight away. 
  • Fully cloud solution created in the Microsoft platform, providing extra platform value. 
  • Unbeatable people experience with one solution that provides all you need end-to-end & seamless integrations into Office 365 and other collaboration applications such as Microsoft Teams. 

Provide Tangible Business Value

Win more business deals

Track client communication, manage your pipeline and engage with your customers.

Execute profitable engagements

Record time, expenses, fees, allowances directly on the engagement via the web or app.

Make optimal use of resources

Match people and all their engagements via a built-in matching engine.

Bill with precision & accuracy

Consolidate billing from different engagements & get single invoice billing and batch invoicing.

Transform the way you work

The technology you use to power your business should be helping you succeed, not getting in your way. If you want to transform the way you work and get the most out of your business, get in touch with Advantage today.

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