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  • Microsoft Viva Sales

    Become more productive through an app that helps you get back to doing the things you love – connecting with customers through Microsoft Viva Sales. 

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What is Microsoft Viva Sales?

Put simply, Viva Sales is a seller experience application that enables sellers to use Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to automatically capture data into any CRM system which will help to reduce manual data entry and provide more opportunity for the focus to be on selling instead. 


What are the main features of Microsoft Viva Sales?

Viva Insights 

You will find that Viva Insights is one of the main features of Microsoft Viva Sales. It will be used to help improve both the productivity and wellbeing through the use of data-driven, privacy-protected insights as well as recommendations. 

Viva Goals 

The clue is in the name for this feature of Microsoft Viva Sales which allows sellers to set, review and analyse both their overall goals and specific sales targets. 

Viva Learning 

You will also like to learn that Microsoft Viva Sales offers up another fantastic feature that will enable businesses and sales to increase rapidly which is through Viva Learning. It will make learning a part of the day. From this, you will be able to easily incorporate learning where employees already spend their time. 

Viva Topics 

Another core feature of Microsoft Viva Sales is Viva Topics which allows employees to use their knowledge for working purposes. This feature makes use of AI to bring together the knowledge from the apps that are used on a daily basis. Employees will find that their content is automatically organised across apps and teams with built-in security as well as compliance features. 

Viva Connections 

Viva Connections you will notice is built as a layer on top of Microsoft SharePoint and it will have things like company news, employee resource groups as well as communities. Put simply, it is a dashboard for connecting with colleagues remotely. 

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