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  • General Ledger Foreign Currency Revaluation module for Business Central

    Revalue both the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts through our General Ledger Foreign Currency revaluation module for Business Central users. 

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What does our new General Ledger Foreign Currency Revaluation module do?

As many of you already know, when it comes to the month-end or year-end process, accounting conventions dictate that general ledger account balances reported in foreign currencies need to be revalued through the use of different exchange rate types. 

To put this into context with a scenario, one accounting convention requires assets and liabilities to be revalued at the current exchange rate, fixed assets at the historical exchange rate & profit & loss accounts with the monthly average. 

This is where our brand-new General Ledger Foreign Currency Revaluation module is able to be used to revalue both the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts of your business. 

The costs associated with the add on above are as follows:

  • £135 per month OR £4,000 to purchase it plus a 20% annual maintenance fee
  • Localisation starts at £65 per month OR £1,500 to purchase a localisation plus a 20% annual maintenance fee

What are the benefits of this module for your business?

Greater Accuracy

Through this module, you will be able to increase the accuracy of your reporting & data as the revaluation will be automatically calculated using a favourable exchange rate over an estimate which could reduce the levels of accuracy. 

Increased Efficiency

With this module in place, you will see a boost in your overall day to day efficiency as you won’t need to complete the currency revaluation manually which will allow you to focus on other more important tasks for the business. 

Transform the way you work

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