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What does our new enhanced VAT module do?

Put simply, if your business has eligibility to reclaim VAT across goods and services you buy to use in your business, you will know that the process of reclaiming VAT can cause you a great deal of headaches. The great thing about our enhanced VAT module is the fact that it will remove this problem by managing your calculations and postings of transactions in Business Central. 

Therefore, it will be able to accommodate the following elements: 

  • Non-Recoverable, Fully Recoverable or Part Recoverable VAT accommodated   
  • Record Partial VAT for AP and General Ledger   
  • Compatible with the UK VAT100 reports available within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  

The costs associated with the add on above are as follows:

  • £135 per month OR £4,000 to purchase it plus a 20% annual maintenance fee
  • Localisation starts at £65 per month OR £1,500 to purchase a localisation plus a 20% annual maintenance fee

What are the benefits of this VAT module for your business?

Better Cash Flow

Our module can make the calculations in your software which makes it much simpler for your business to recover VAT for a much lower cost. 

More Accuracy In VAT

When you are processing your VAT, you can have peace of mind that the supporting transaction level reporting will allow you to provide suitable explanations for the return. 

Better VAT Compliance

Improve your VAT compliance when VAT regulations were applied for things such as reverse charges or changes in rates for items, our module can help to make sure that your business stays compliant. 

Transform the way you work

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