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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales/CS

    Transform your business today with Dynamics 365/CRM for Sales which will enable you to manage sales & customer service teams more efficiently, provide better customer service, improve sales productivity by up to 15%, increase forecast efficiency by up to 42% & automate both sales & customer outreach. 

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Key Capability 1: Empower your sales and customer service teams

Allow your sales team to better manage Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Tasks from within one central location. 

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Key Capability 2: Effectively manage & track KPIs and sales activity

Gain valuable insights into your sales activity and forecasting by building personalised activity and app dashboards. 

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Key Capability 3: Build your own sales process

Create, manage and automate your sales and customer service process across your business. 

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Key Capability 4: Use unified insights to make better decisions

Quickly understand what is happening across your whole business through the use of unified insights. 

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Key Capability 5: Generate ROI for your business

Boost profitability and business effectiveness through the use of Dynamics 365 for Sales. 

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