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Case Study: How a sales organisation in the healthcare industry transformed their business through PowerApps


This sales organisation is tasked with assisting companies in the healthcare sector to optimise their brands as the partner of choice. They provide services that are guided by insight, intelligence and technology. Furthermore, this business offers complete support via several data driven outsourcing solutions that could be adopted at different stages of a product’s lifecycle, brand challenge and patient journey. 

The Challenge/Problem 

This sales organisation had a certain part of their company that used Excel spreadsheets to manage all their data with no validation of who did what, duplicate records being created regularly, and data being entered more than once. They were looking for a solution that could easily be integrated with their current Microsoft Dynamics system. 

The Solution 

After considering all the options that were available, the business development manager decided that they needed an experienced Dynamics 365 + Power Platform partner to take their business to the next level.  

After considering several different Microsoft Gold partners, Advantage was chosen due to the speed of their responses, as well as their attention to detail when it came to the timelines and cost profile. 

Advantage proposed that this sales organisation used a purpose-built Microsoft Power App to resolve the above challenges that they were facing as well as allow individual institutions, patients, physicians to view this data with just a basic PowerApps licence. 

The Benefits 

The Business Development Manager at this sales organisation was delighted with the results “we’re extremely happy with the above and beyond approach the team at Advantage took in ensuring that this bespoke PowerApp was built and worked in the way that we wanted it to do. We are now able to search for records quicker, avoid duplicate entries, able to create a fully trackable audit trail, dramatically save on licensing costs along with the ability to view this data anywhere, from any device.” 

Justin Bown, Dynamics Sales Director at Advantage further added “after this sales organisation came to us looking to move a certain part of their company off Excel spreadsheets, we had no doubts that the use of a purpose-built Microsoft Power App was the way forward as it could deliver them exactly what they wanted and better still could seamlessly integrate back into their Dynamics system.” 


After the successful creation and integration of their bespoke Power App, the sales organisation has revolutionised the way they work, which has made it so much easier to add and view data in real time through the use of a basic PowerApps licence.  
Advantage now supports them on both the Power App as well as their current Dynamics system as well as continuing to work with them on other projects.