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If your business has just started using Microsoft Dynamics or you are looking to learn more about Dynamics 365 / CRM and how to get the very best out of it, Advantage can help to provide you with the perfect training solution tailored to your needs.

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Training for Dynamics 365 / CRM users

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM allows you to better improve your customer relationships by centralising your data from different sources which makes it easier for departments to collaborate together and spend less time navigating multiple systems.

Our tailored Dynamics 365 / CRM training courses will provide you with a number of different skills depending on your business requirements which varies from how to use Dynamics 365 / CRM to its full capacity right through to how to use the CRM effectively to better manage your customer data.

About the Dynamics 365/ CRM training courses

The Dynamics 365 / CRM training course sessions include but are not limited to the following:

Dynamics 365 / CRM Core User Training  Dynamics 365 / CRM Admin Training  Click Dimensions Training
Prerequisites: None  Prerequisites: Core User Training Prerequisites: Core User Training

Course Content

- Environment and Navigation.
- Data Management and standard business process.
- Sales leads and opportunity flow.
- Marketing lists and data analysis.

Course Content

- Customisation of forms and data items.
- Advanced data management.
- Integration concepts.
- Workflow and automation.
- User management and security roles.

 Course Content

- Email template design.
- Landing page design.
- Bulk email-send configuration.
- Analytics and tracking.
- Campaign automation.

 Duration: 1 day  Duration: 1 day  Duration: 1 day
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