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Transform your business with SharePoint

Here at Advantage, we use our extensive knowledge and expertise in Microsoft through SharePoint development to create useful applications that can be shared, synced and easily managed by your business. In addition to this, we’ve collaborated together internally to be able to offer all businesses fresh ideas, better accessibility as well as a whole host of collaborative tools that can enable your business to easily manage sites, share business documents, workflows and much more.  

Furthermore, with Advantage’s position as a well-regarded Microsoft Partner, our team of SharePoint developers and consultants are very familiar with working with SharePoint to help increase the collaboration as well as communication & teamwork across your business. 

Why choose Advantage as your SharePoint partner?

Dedicated SharePoint Experts

Our wide range of knowledge & experience in being able to deliver SharePoint related services to a variety of businesses has helped to set us apart from the competition. 

Dedicated Architecture

Here at Advantage, we’ve got the required infrastructure in place to build apps through developing solutions that reiterate a dedicated architecture & scalability. 

Highly Responsive & Agile

Our simplistic and agile approach has helped to give our clients a reliable and secure SharePoint partner who can help them achieve their goal of rapid business growth. 

Improve Business Engagement

Our team built up of a wide variety of different skill sets can offer significant expertise in SharePoint which helps to provide a seamless way of improving engagement. 

Our SharePoint Development Offering

Here at Advantage, we can provide a whole host of SharePoint Development services specifically catered to your business requirements. 

Intranet for communication

Build a professional intranet, fully branded to keep all the key business data and news in one place.

  • Company-wide broadcasts including email / mobile app notifications
  • Single version of all company forms and policies available on any platform
  • Incorporate company contacts and Teams to encourage collaboration
  • Departmental homepages and document sets
  • Departmental news posts sharable with wider company, or department specific
  • Bring all systems together with instructions / links / best practice
  • Build a wiki Knowledge Base / FAQ space
Document management 

Ensure only reviewed content is exposed to the wider company by mapping existing approval processes to a Power Automate Flow. So much more powerful than the three-way approval process in previous versions of this unique product.

  • Central repositories with authorisation per document type
  • Bespoke Power Automate Flows to manage approval processes including branded notifications
  • Auto-permissioning of content based on rules, admins / support no longer need to authorise or action permission changes
  • Template SharePoint sites for re-use on multiple projects or processes
Form-based apps

Replace Excel managed processes by using interactive forms driven by multiple data sources.

  • Manage line of business processes using Power Apps and Power Automate
  • Trigger email / mobile notifications for immediate update
  • Manage by exception using tasks and statuses
  • Ideal for onboarding / project management
Power BI reporting 

Report on lists and libraries to quickly make sense of the data being entered by team members.

  • Bring SharePoint data to life using reports
  • Build dashboards that auto-update to track progress on user actions
  • Use Power BI to interrogate existing data
Update to / from external sources 

Allow your business data to interact with other systems and receive data to update SharePoint / Office 365.

  • Receive requests from external software through web api
  • Exposure of content via web api / ftp
Transform the way you work

The technology you use to power your business should be helping you succeed, not getting in your way. If you want to transform the way you work and get the most out of your business, get in touch with Advantage today.

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