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What is Microsoft FindTime?

Put simply, FindTime is an Outlook add-in that has been built to create a meeting poll to allow people both within and outside of your business to select times when they are available to meet so you are able to pick a meeting time that works for all the parties involved. 

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How easy is the process?

The answer is very easy indeed, all you need to do is have an Office 365 license, install the application and follow the steps below: 

Learn what the best times are for your stakeholders 

FindTime reveals all the days and times that work best for you and the meeting attendees when they are available making use of both free/busy data. 

Everyone gets to vote on the best time 

Put forward your selected times to all the meeting attendees and enable everyone to vote and quickly come to a consensus about which of the selected times is suitable for all of you to attend. 

Meeting invite is sent! 

Once the above step has been completed, FindTime will then send out a meeting invite on your behalf to all the meeting attendees. 

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What are the benefits of FindTime?

Leading encryption to protect personal data

This app is able to encrypt all of your personal information which goes even as far as the subject and body of the email to help safeguard all of your personal identities. 

Seamless integration with Outlook

As this app has been designed purely to work as an add-in for Outlook, it can be easily integrated into your existing Outlook setup without any problems at all. 

Greater Flexibility For Your Business

The great thing about this app is the fact that it can send invites to those outside of your business as well as those within it. 

Transform the way you work

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