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What is an Office 365 Audit?

Whether you set up your Office 365 yourself, or had an external IT company do it for you, if it wasn't done by an Office 365 expert there could be some problems.

The security aspects are something which we find are often left or disregarded. You don't want your company information or documents to be at risk or compromised.

Another aspect we find is the initial set up has been done incorrectly meaning you could be paying too much, or be under licensed - putting you at risk of significant fines. 

3 steps to the perfect Office 365 setup

  1. Our Microsoft trained consultants will assess the set up and security of your entire Office 365 and see where any issues may lie.
  2. You will receive a detailed report that we will go through with you to ensure it's completely understood
  3. An action plan to fix any issues found and/or best practice going forward
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