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Why should your business move to the Cloud with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)?

Advantage have been part of the Microsoft CSP programme for many years and over that time we have seen a whole host of benefits that our customers have received as a result. 

So, for those that don’t know what the Microsoft CSP programme is? 

If you hadn’t guessed from the above, CSP means Cloud Solution Provider and what the Microsoft CSP programme allows partners such as ourselves to do is to sell Microsoft’s cloud services to our customers. 

However, this capability goes far beyond being just a simplistic licensing programme. The CSP model is specifically geared up for the partner to provide extra value to its customer’s cloud experience through support, flexible billing as well as advice. Furthermore, through this programme, a customer is able to pay to consume these services as and when they require them so essentially only paying for what they use rather than going to Microsoft direct. 

To help show you the extra value you will gain from moving to the Cloud through a Microsoft CSP partner such as Advantage rather than Microsoft directly, we’ve put together some of the top benefits that our customers have gained by using the Microsoft Cloud with Advantage. 

Greater Flexibility & Control 

We find that this provides the biggest benefits to our customer base. As mentioned earlier, you only pay for what you consume so if you wanted to upgrade the number of Office 365 licenses temporarily for a particular purpose or project and then bring it back down to the normal number of licenses after, you could. You would only get billed the higher amount during the increased usage period and then back to your regular payments after you downgrade again. 

Monthly Billing Payments 

We do find that this is useful for many of our customers as they like to have a breakdown of costs that they will be paying each month rather than an annual one (unless you want one). Therefore, each month you will get a bill for Office 365 licenses you are currently using as well as the amount of Azure consumption you have used if applicable. 

No Upfront Costs 

We find that our customers do enjoy this element as instead of having to invest heavily at the start like other significant cloud-based services that are not Microsoft, you can gradually invest through monthly payments instead. 

Dedicated IT Support 

The great thing about using Advantage as your CSP provider is the fact that you can come directly to us rather than having to spend loads of time calling Microsoft. When you call us, our IT experts will try to diagnose your enquiry and pass it over to Microsoft if needed. As well as this, as your CSP provider, we are also on hand to help you have any issues or problems that you may be having (technical & billing/subscription support). If you require anything more comprehensive to cover all eventualities, we can offer additional cloud related support should you require it. 

All Your Licensing Is In One Place 

By having all your Microsoft cloud related licenses in one place allows us to utilise our expertise and skills to help you gain the best value from your investment. 

Exclusive Discounts 

By going through a CSP partner such as Advantage, we can access exclusive discounts on all licensing from Microsoft that you wouldn’t receive if you went directly. 

Next Steps? 

If you are business that is looking to move to the Cloud and would like to experience the benefits that our current customer base already gains from working with a Microsoft CSP partner then please get in touch with our team of Microsoft Cloud experts today to start saving your business money. 

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