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Why are in-house IT teams choosing to work with IT providers in a post pandemic world?

Let’s face it, ask any IT manager and they will say to you that since the pandemic, the demand on them has been stretched to the limit. 

Supporting the move to working from home, carrying out digital safety checks as well as being able to support a hybrid approach of home/work in the office, most IT managers don’t have the resources to be able to cover all angles as effectively as they could do. 

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some IT managers are exploring the options of partnering up with a third-party IT provider such as Advantage to take care of some of their IT functionality. 

To give you some context of why in-house IT teams have been choosing to work with IT providers, here are some benefits of doing so: 

Better knowledge & expertise 

It goes without saying but most internal based IT employees are using just one single IT system – previous experience has led to this approach as they tend to know the current IT system like the back of their hand. 

However, this could prove troublesome if they aren’t able to fix a problem on a new system given their lack of experience. This is where having a backup solution in the form of an IT provider that has a team of highly experienced individuals can help you. 

That said, most IT providers such ourselves regularly work across many different IT systems and technologies largely due to the fact that we’ve got many different clients with different requirements which requires us to have an in-depth knowledge that could help support your in-house IT team. 

Added flexibility for out of hours and holiday cover 

As many of us already know, life is very unpredictable and being able to support all forms of technology can often be much more than just a full-time job.  

Having to do migrations and upgrades usually consists of working weekends which can reduce your time off. Also, adding in out of hours IT support which can mean that internal IT teams can often feel like they are working two jobs with hardly any free time. 

This is why having an out of hours IT partner like Advantage can help give your business the support it needs to make sure that all your IT systems are running smoothly. This is generally regarded as one of the biggest benefits of using a managed IT service provider. 

Third eye on your security 

It is always useful to have another opinion on things and this is exactly what partnering up with an IT managed services provider can give you. 

By having this partnership in place will allow them to give you an external point of view that could help you to identify potential security vulnerabilities on your network and where improvements to your overall security can be made. 

By combining your resources will enable you to be able to have a better visibility over all aspects of your IT. Therefore, instead of outsourcing everything completely, you are completing all the most important aspects in-house. Therefore, you establish two “layers” of protection which makes it even harder for hackers to gain access to your systems. 

Next Steps? 

You may be worried about what the costs are of a combined approach with a managed IT provider? Would it be more cost effective to hire extra staff? Or are co-managed IT services something that would be able to help to rapidly grow the business? Why not discuss the answer to this by contacting our IT team today

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