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WeWork files for bankruptcy in the US: what does this mean for businesses in the UK?

If you didn’t already know, WeWork, the shared office firm that once hit the heights of being valued at $47bn (£38bn) on the market has been forced to file for bankruptcy in the US. Furthermore, WeWork filing will help to give it protection from its creditors and landlords as it restructures its substantial debts. 

So, what does this latest development mean for UK businesses that currently rent office space from WeWork? 

Without a doubt, this is something to be concerned about as it could potentially mean that your business could get thrown out of some of the office space you currently hire from them in the UK. 

There may already be signs of this happening particularly in London as it was discovered by the BBC that WeWork was shutting at least one office in London’s popular South Bank which could indicate that more closures could be forthcoming as the company tries to get to grips with its finances before it's too late. 

So, what can my business do to prepare for any potential WeWork office space closures in the UK? 

Well at the very least you need to explore all the options that are available to your business in case you have to make the transition to a new office space at very short notice including looking for IT companies that can provide you with a reliable office IT move service. 

This is where Advantage can come in to help you save the day through our IT office move service where we can help provide you with a fully managed solution that comes to include research, planning, setup, testing and purchasing of all your IT equipment to help ensure a smooth transition, reduced downtime and improved efficiency. 

As well as this, as part of the package, we also provide all the data cabling, internet and telephony, network architecture, the complete dismantle and reinstall as well as total reconfiguration to get you up and running quickly. 

Next Steps? 

If you have read the above article and are looking at all your office IT move options or are looking to make an office move straight away then please reach out to our team of IT experts who will be able to provide you with a no obligation free quote so you can be ready to go at the drop of a hat. 

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