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The ins and outs of file synchronisation and sharing

Given the continuing frustrations experienced with the more traditional network drives, there has been an increased demand for simple and flexible file synchronisation and sharing solutions. Granted, a great deal of improvement has been seen over the last few years, however there have been high levels of employee misuse in file sync and sharing. As a consequence of such actions, potentially sensitive information has been accessed by the wrong types of people, therefore businesses have had no choice but to search for much more secure solutions.  

To get started, let’s have a look over some fixes that will allow your employees to transform the way they work in a secure way. 

Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) 

Essentially, Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) is a secure software service such as Microsoft SharePoint that provides users with the capabilities to securely access, share and sync videos, files, documents, spreadsheets or photos with both employees, colleagues as well as with customers at the same time. EFSS services gives businesses the option to use either on-premises, cloud storage or a combination of both depending on their specific business compliance and security requirements. 

How can your business benefit from using file sync and sharing? 

EFSS technologies have been adopted by many businesses all over the world to encourage their employees to stop using consumer-based file sharing apps which aren’t able to be easily secured by your IT team. 

You will find that nowadays many EFSS services have workflow related features that make it easier for users to edit files, add comments or easily track different versions of the same document. EFSS services give enterprise level security solutions such as authentication, data encryption as well as the ability for your IT team to be able to set granular access policies that control permissions for all users.  

To help convince you further, here are a few of the benefits that can be gained from having such a service in place: 

Secure file sharing 

It is important to note that if a secure file sync and sharing solution isn’t made accessible by a business, its employees will have no choice but to use their own tools. This is potentially disastrous as many of these tools can't be monitored by IT as well as the fact that if data is breached the IT team might not have visibility of it quick enough to prevent major damage being caused. 

EFSS services can resolve this as they make use of both the convenience and the simplicity that personal file sharing can give as well as enterprise-oriented features that can help to not only improve productivity but also help to increase the security, flexibility and control for your IT team. 

Access it anywhere 

EFSS services makes it simpler to work remotely by making it easier for employees to sync their files across all their devices. By doing this can make it easier for employees to be able to access these files whilst on the go and from any device. 

Reduce data loss and disaster recovery 

EFSS services help to guarantee that your data is fully protected from any kind of data leakage, whether that be from hackers or a device that has been lost or stolen. EFSS services help to guarantee that your data is secure and only stays in the right hands. 

Document workflows and collaboration 

EFFS services are developing all the time and have now expanded to include different workflow and content collaboration activities such as: 

  • Document management 
  • Legally binding e-signatures 
  • Automated notifications to tell users that they need to review/approve requests 
  • Workflow automation has built-in co-authoring, feedback as well as approval processes 
  • Version control so that all employees are able to track any changes to documents when accessing it from a whole host of different devices 

Given that security has to be at the top of your list in terms of priorities, simply giving your employees the freedom to use whichever tools they want to complete their work is simply not an option. EFSS services such as Microsoft SharePoint provide a security way of allowing users to safely sync and share files, at the same time keeping all information protected against hackers. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to implement secure, streamlined collaboration then please get in touch with our team of IT experts who will be able to discuss all the options that are available to your business including customised Microsoft SharePointtailored Cyber Security Solutionsdedicated Enterprise Level Password Management and much more. 

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