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How is your business handling backups for working from home employees?

If your business has suffered as a result of a ransomware attack before, you will be aware of how important secure backups are. 

Given that most office workers are likely to be adopting remote working on a more permanent fixture across many businesses, a core part of your IT security solution could be missing from your business’s technology infrastructure. 

Therefore, in our latest blog article, we are going to take you through a temporary fix that you can use to make sure that your files are remaining backed up and give you the more permanent option. 

Most businesses have a backup solution that is used on the basis that all your employees are working in the office on a day-to-day basis. In this case, it could be a cloud backup which enables employees to transfer the data offsite, so if you encounter any problems in the office, this data will be completely secure. 

The many problem with these types of systems is the fact that your employees would need to be in the office for these backups to be created in the first place. 

The first question that you should be mentioning to your current IT supplier is whether your desktop, documents and files that you save locally to your laptop/computer are also being backed up when you are remote working. 

A temporary fix for this problem if you are unsure whether your files are backed up is to make use of Microsoft’s OneDrive. 

This system is very much similar to that of Dropbox where you are able to save your files to the local folder and your data will be automatically backed up in the Cloud. 

The main thing what we can recommend if you are using vast quantities of data that you wish to move to these folders is to complete this activity at night otherwise it may take too long to upload them to the Cloud. 

You will find that OneDrive comes as part of the Microsoft 365 Office subscription. Furthermore, you can also gain from using this solution as it allows you to access your files from any device and from any location. 

Better still, there is also version history that comes as standard for Office documents which makes it easier to correct a mistake or to review the changes version history where you are able to manage these edits. 

However to be absolutely clear, this is not a real backup solution for your business. The main issue is the fact that you need to manually save the files to the right location on your system which really isn’t a long-term solution. 

Furthermore, not all your files will be covered by backups if your systems should not work due to either a hardware or security problem. At this point, you may end up losing valuable data as a result. This is where an IT provider such as Advantage can advise you on how you can make the transition to the Cloud

Next Steps? 

If you have questions or queries relating to how your business can protect valuable data or if you have any other Cyber Security requirements then make sure that you talk to one of our IT team today for more information. 

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