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How can your business harness the true power of desktop virtualisation?

Through the use of desktop virtualisation you can enhance the flexibility and scalability of your existing cloud solution. 

It is safe to say that these days we all live in a cloud-based world. The chances are that we are already using Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) as well as Azure in addition to any other cloud-based services that are allowing our businesses to run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Even if you are currently a cloud-based user, you many not understand or realise how even more flexible your solution can be through the use of desktop virtualisation. You will find that virtual desktop infrastructure gives you an easier option than using large scale, hardware resources. Therefore, it makes it easier for users to access their desktop on a virtual basis making anything cloud related easy to deploy and easy to run. 

So just what are Desktop Virtualisations for those that don’t know? 

Essentially, desktop virtualisations allows Windows 10 desktops to be hosted either on-prem or in public clouds such as Azure allowing the delivery to all end-users devices all across the globe. Furthermore, if the Windows 10 desktop is delivered virtually, you are able to access this securely from a number of different devices. To give you a list of these, you can access virtual desktops from a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphones, Macs or PCs whilst at the same time retaining only the best security and the look and feel of desktops when using the apps. 

Now we know what Desktop Virtualisation is, let’s find out how you can harness the true power of it for your business. 

Improve the flexibility of your workforce 

Drive growth and acquisition 

It goes without saying that for organisations that are growing quickly or merging with other businesses need to be able to get employees setup quickly and effectively and in vast quantities.  

This changes with desktop virtualisation as your new employees can easily access all the applications and data they require securely from their own devices which essentially speeds up the onboarding process dramatically. 

Seasonal recruitment 

It happens to all businesses but there does come a point where there are seasonal recruitment cycles which means your business needs access to short term resources to meet the demands placed upon the business.  

Through the use of desktop virtualisation you can easily increase the number of user sessions that are allowed. After this period of time is completed, it can then be reduced back to its previous levels. 


Integrating contractors into your business can often be tricky as most either work on the go or from their own devices. The use of desktop virtualisation removes the security obstacles allowing contractors to use their own devices to access applications and data securely without having to go down the VPN route. 

Remote Working 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses needed to ensure that they were ready for long-term remote working as all their employees would need to be able to access the corporate applications. In Advantage’s experience, we discovered that the businesses that already had desktop virtualisation in place made the transition much quicker than those that didn’t have the capability to do so. 

By using desktop virtualisation can allow you to seamlessly make the move to remote working based on the fact that you will already have a pre-configured secure corporate desktop with all applications loaded beforehand to make it easy for you to access it from almost any device. 

It goes without saying but following on the from Covid-19 pandemic, businesses should have something prepared just in the case the same thing happens in years to come so it is pivotal that a remote working strategy is formulated to combat this threat. 

Security and regulation 

Some sectors dictate that you comply with specific security and regulatory regulations particularly across financial services and the legal sectors. By using virtual desktops, you can easily ensure that your business is able to securely hold employee and company data in the data centres or public cloud in place of local desktops. This will help to make sure that you are on top of your game when it comes to security. 

How can the use of virtual desktops improve your existing cloud-based solution? 

As described from the above, desktop virtualisation can streamline the management of your cloud solution whilst at the same time allowing your employees to gain remote access to on-premise systems. 

Furthermore, the use of VDI environments can help to achieve the following: 

  • Streamline the management of application and security updates. 
  • Give access to legacy applications 
  • Enable your employees to bring their own device to work 
  • Streamline security, data sovereignty and compliance requirements. 

Next Steps? 

When it comes to implementing desktop virtualisation, there is only one premier choice that we would recommend and that is Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop. We have no doubts that this virtualisation environment will be perfect for meeting your specific requirements. Here at Advantage, we’ve got over 20 years' experience in delivering desktop and application visualisation projects. For more information please get in contact with our team of IT experts today

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