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Defining password managers and why your business needs to get one!

Love them or hate them passwords help to get us through the day! 

From accessing all our social media channels to managing accounts online, these sets of highly cryptic combinations of different letters and numbers are vital in allowing us to complete certain tasks in an online environment. 

This becomes even more apparent when you consider how many passwords, we use during our average working days. Think about the number of systems, platforms, apps and websites you access each day for work purposes. Now consider this: are these passwords all created, stored and accessed securely? Do you use the same passwords for each account? 

If the answer is yes, to the 2nd question above you could be putting yourself as well as the business you work for at risk of becoming another victim of a cyber-attack which could have catastrophic consequences for your business. 

To help you make sure that your passwords are safe and secure, we will take through how you can create the strongest passwords 

We are all aware of the fact that passwords need to be long, complex and offer variety to make them as secure as possible. Therefore, it goes without question that individual accounts should all have separate passwords. To ensure that this process is followed, at Advantage, we suggest making use of a password generator to construct these passwords for you, this will make sure that you have only the most secure and safe passwords. However, if you are making use of a leading password manager, it may already have a password generator included making it even easier to build these passwords. 

If you use a password generator, you will be safe in the knowledge that any passwords generated by this means will be: 

  • Long – over 10 characters 
  • Use a combination of numbers, letters, cases as well as symbols 
  • Have an element of unpredictable about them so not your regular use of words. 

In addition to the above, it is also important that you have extra layers of security to add to this to ensure that your business has all bases covered. 

Now, that we know the dangers of poor passwords and what a strong password is, let’s shift the focus to defining exactly what a password manager is. 

A password manager is an app on your phone, tablet or computer that stores your passwords, so you don't need to remember them. Once you've logged into the password manager using a 'master' password, it will generate and remember your passwords for all your online accounts. 

Now, we know what a password manager is, the next question that we need to ask is are password managers safe? 

Well don’t worry, if you choose to implement a leading password manager then you can be rest assured that your information is encrypted, meaning that only you can access this data so it cannot be stolen. 

Picking a leading password manager is important but some of the best ones on the market at the moment are those that have additional features that allow you to add even more layers to your password security. 

So, which password manager is the best? 

Here at Advantage, we work with the very best password manager partner who have the necessary qualifications including ISO 27001 guaranteeing that your data will always be safe. As well as having this, they also have additional features which we alluded to earlier in this article. 

So, how can my business benefit from working with Advantage on password managers? 

Reduce the risks of data breaches  

Advantage makes use of proprietary, zero-knowledge security architecture that makes it easier to support on-prem, cloud and hybrid-cloud environments for client-side key management  

Improves your security and privacy  

Through our solution, every employee will have access to a private, encrypted vault for storing & managing all their passwords, files and highly sensitive client data.  

Improves your overall productivity  

Dramatically eliminates help desk costs, saves employees time, reduces frustration & completely eliminates the need for employees to reuse and remember their passwords. 

Easily create passwords 

Through the use of a built-in password generator, you are able to create safe and secure passwords as and when required. 

Fully scalable 

We’ve got only the password manager that is able to give you that top level security whilst at the same time giving you that ability to upscale on an industrial scale quickly and effectively. This will allow your passwords to stay secure as your business grows. 

Meet compliance regulations 

Ensuring that you have a top-level password policy will help to demonstrate your commitment to GDPR compliance as well as other industry relevant security regulations. 

Keep passwords as well as other sensitive information secure 

This solution can keep passwords safe as well as other sensitive data protected in one place, giving you that added peace of mind. 

Next Steps? 

Granted, there are many options available when it comes to high quality password managers. 

You may learn that your web browser may have one included already. However, we would suggest that you don’t solely depend on this as your primary password manager. 

If you are looking for a reliable and secure password manager for your business, we would suggest that you speak to your IT support provider to guide you further as to which enterprise password manager is right for your business. To learn more about Advantage and how we can help to meet all your IT requirements, please get in touch today

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