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Considering a new Partner?

It can be a massive and daunting experience to consider moving your Microsoft Partner. Many companies hesitate to take the plunge, despite there being several compelling reasons for them to do so.  

With an ERP or CRM solution being such a business-critical application there is so a viable reason for companies to take so long considering whether they should move their Microsoft Partner or not. One of the reasons companies delay is that there are often very detailed bespoke alterations on entities in their system which makes them feel compelled to stay.

Why do companies consider another partner? 

Slow Service  

One of the most common reasons companies often change their Microsoft Partner is the poor or slow service they receive from their current provider. This can be due to restrictive and inaccurate implementation or post-implementation support, which could leave organisations in a tough position stopping them from using their application to the best of their ability. 

Thinly Spread Support  

One reason this can occur is due to an overreliance on consultants to provide support, however these very same consultants are often off-site doing new projects and dealing with new customers. Due to no dedicated support team or a very small and overworked support team, the customers can fall victim to extremely poor customer service and staggered responses to business-critical problems.  

However, it may not simply be just the number of consultants on standby but the level of expertise and skill set that each consultant possesses. With each Dynamics deployment, there are specific modifications needed for clients depending on their industry, business operations and objectives. If a partner does not have experienced consultants, there can often be problems concerning the complexity of ERP systems such as NAV (Business Central on Premise). 


The issues may not just lie with the consultants and support team. Sales teams and account managers can often be falsely incentivised to sell larger products or solutions that may not fit the needs of the customer. With the incorrect solutions being sold via sales this can then put more pressure on the consultants and support teams when things inevitably go wrong.  

At Advantage we have a mandate across our teams to “provide the best solutions possible”. We will always suggest the best solution based on your needs and reject opportunities that do not fit under our remit. We have instilled a customer first mentality in all that we do, and this starts from our sales team. Not only are our sales teams incentivised to pair companies with the best solutions but they also have experience with the Dynamics solutions themselves, so they have in depth subject and user knowledge.  

Why move to Advantage? 

With the wide variety of reasons a company can be frustrated with a Microsoft Partner it is easy to see why choosing the right partner is such a big consideration for each business.  
But what should you look at for in a perspective partner? There are major elements like Microsoft Gold Accreditation or the ability to train your workforce in the best way to make the best use of their solution and other things to look for in a partner here.  
We have an established methodology to our work at Advantage, here are just a few reasons we stand out as a leading Microsoft Partner:   

  • We have a dedicated support team with over 20 years of experience.  
  • We can provide bespoke add-ons and upgrades  
  • Our support team are easy to reach with quick response times 
  • Comprehensive updates via email or phone including the latest Tech news, tips and tricks, training and certifications 
  • High-level integration, communication and future proofing thanks to “The Advantage Edge”.