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4 things we’ve discovered about business tech in the last year or so

It goes without saying that we’ve experienced major changes all over the world as well as many businesses having seen their worlds being turned upside down in the last year or so. 

For the vast majority of businesses, they were completely unprepared for this eventuality, however without the use of flexible technology many of these would have folded under the pressure. 

In our latest blog article, we’re going to take you through 4 things that we’ve discovered about business tech in the last year or so. 

Remote working can work 

Provided with just a laptop, a reliable internet connection & the collaborative Office 365, we helped to streamline the process for our customers to work from home on a semi-permanent basis. If you are looking to make this more of a permanent fixture then we can help you setup full time remote working

Granted this adoption of full-time remote working had its challenges with some legacy business applications that still required a physical server to run. However, we were able to provide a cloud based solution where we could that enabled the workforce to be able to access their documents, data from their home.  

Protecting your business remotely is pivotal 

The sudden demand to setup remote working saw many people focus on ensuring that they had a reliable connection with VPN access and collaboration software, however most people overlooked the fact that they needed to protect their valuable business data in a home-based environment. 

Such everyday tasks such as browsing the web via a work laptop wouldn’t be a problem if a relevant firewall security solution was in place to protect your business. 

What precautions can you take to ensure that your corporate devices are safe to use on a home network? The answer is simple a unique cloud firewall. 

It doesn’t matter how insecure the internet connection is at home, a cloud firewall helps to secure all the devices and data that belong to your business. Do you have one in place currently? 

Communication is paramount 

The use of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams has made it possible for businesses to move from in person meetings to virtual ones. 

The rapid increases in people using Teams has seen Microsoft continue to pave the way to dominate the marketplace. 

With these tools being updated with new features and comprehensive security added in addition to better ways to collaborate & usability improvements, all of these tools are now difficult to live without. 

Ensuring the scalability of your business tech is vital 

With lockdowns starting to be eased all over the world, this has seen many businesses change their overall approach to work. Furthermore, the perceptions formed around remote working have changed with some uncertainties about what the future looks like. With this in mind, many small and medium sized businesses have chosen to invest in technology. 

This has happened as a mobile workforce’s ability to work efficiently and communicate easily is pivotal to the future success of your business. Here at Advantage, we are on hand to help you make this transition. 

Next Steps? 

If you are looking to invest in business technology to transform the way you work then please get in touch with our team of IT experts today to discuss your specific requirements. 

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