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3 steps for businesses to take to prepare for the System Security aspects of your yearly Audit

As we all know, preparing for an audit can be an extremely stressful time for businesses as well as the employees that work in those businesses and now there is the additional emphasis on the System security as well! From our years of experience of helping businesses with these system security audits, we found that planning well in advance was key to completing this process successfully as leaving it too late can cause even more problems for all involved as expectations don’t match reality at that stage.

This is why, in our latest blog article, we will provide you with 3 actionable steps to take to be fully prepared for a Microsoft Dynamics System Security audit.

1. Get the security auditors requirements early

This may seem like teaching you to suck eggs but believe it or not many businesses wait too long to get these requirements then end up having to rush the whole process which causes more stress than it needs to. This is why we would strongly recommend that in advance of the audit coming up, you contact the auditors to get their requirements rather than waiting for them to spring the everchanging list on you at the end of the audit.

2. Identify exactly what you need to show the auditors

Once you have seen a copy of the auditors' requirements early, this then gives you the time to run through the questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is required of your business and who needs to provide the answers to each question. From this, you will then need to take the time to gain a better knowledge of your own system security and reports which will enable you to identify exactly what you need your Microsoft Dynamics partner to help deliver for you for the auditors.

3. Book some consultancy time in with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner

Once you have completed the first two steps, you will then be in a better position to approach your Microsoft ERP partner regarding this audit. It is important to note that consultants won’t be able to answer all these questions and produce reports at the drop of a hat so allow plenty of time for this. We would recommend that you book in a few hours of consultancy time to enable them to formulate responses to your questions and produce the necessary reporting needed for the audit.  You may even prefer to have some training so that you can carry out this task unaided in the years to come.  It will typical surround the User and Security Role and Task setup and the reports associated to this area of Systems Administration

Next Steps?

If you are an existing customer of Advantage and have an audit coming up and are wanting to book some time in with one of our experienced team of Microsoft Dynamics consultants then please give us a call to get that arranged or get in touch directly with your Dynamics Account Manager well in advance of the audit.

If you are new to Advantage and your current Dynamics ERP partner is unable to help you fulfill the obligations of a system security audit, you can always talk to our team here at Advantage who will be more than happy to help you with this.

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