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Mimecast Webinar Series: Archiving

As data gets harder to manage, email compliance challenges evolve and organizations demand more value from their data, the importance of modernizing your archive strategy is paramount.

We know the problems with legacy archive solutions. From administrative complexity, lack of scalability, and slow search performance, there are significant roadblocks to getting the most from a “perfect world” archive.

Alternatively, Mimecast Cloud Archive is designed and optimized for the cloud, offering the scale, performance and advanced features needed to manage information today.

In our latest webinar, Mimecast covered its Cloud Archiving services which includes:

  • Cloud Archive for Email
  • Sync & Recover, a full backup and restore service for mailboxes
  • Case Review Application for GDPR and e-Discovery tasks

You can view this on demand webinar by clicking the link below.

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