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Why should your business consider using Power BI with Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Let’s face it when looking from the outside in, Power BI is a great tool for being able to build all forms of report depending on what your business requires. Better still, this data updates in real time thanks to a whole host of different data source connectors. By having this in place can enable your business to make critical decisions through real-time data as well as having the ability to share any report to anyone in the business just with a click of a button. 

If you are wondering whether Power BI is fully integratable, damn right it is! Power BI can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s premier ERP solution, Business Central allowing it to construct complex dashboards and reports based on your business data. 

Through the use of Power BI within Business Central, this will give you a much more comprehensive and powerful reporting system which is a significant upgrade on the built-in reporting functionality that Business Central offers. Furthermore, you will find that tasks that used to involve a high number of complexities and many members of staff are now much simpler, which goes as far as the ability to integrate data from all different companies into a single report. 

To put this in even simpler terms, in the rest of this article, we will show you some of the major functions for using Business Central and Power BI together. In certain instances, an action can be performed in Power BI whilst others can take place in Business Central itself. To show you some examples of when this may occur please look at the below: 

Build reports & dashboards inside Power BI that showcase Business Central data 

Through the use of Power BI Desktop you are able to create your own reports & dashboards. You are then able to publish the reports through Power BI or share them with your colleagues. 

Review Business Central data from inside Power BI 

You are able to review data in Business Central in reports in Power BI. Business Central in the Cloud has some predefined Power BI reports. 

Review Power BI reports inside your Business Central client 

Power BI reports that show Business Central are able to be embedded into Business Central parts pages. Furthermore, you are able to tweak the part to show any report that is available to you. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is using Business Central and wants to improve your reporting functionality through Power BI then please get in contact with our team here at Advantage today

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