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What are the biggest benefits of using Windows 365?

For most modern-day businesses, having good efficiency is one of the most vital elements for running a business. To be able to communicate, create and collaborate in the most efficient way, you need to have the right tools at your disposal. When it comes to productivity tools, Windows 365 is one of the best available for all types of businesses. This will provide your employees with the flexibility to improve their efficiency no matter where they are working. Windows 365 also enables businesses to be more adaptable which results in increased competitiveness.  With a wide variety of tools such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange, Word & Microsoft SharePoint, the Windows 365 productivity suite is built to accommodate the needs of all modern-day businesses. 

In our latest blog article, we will discuss what we believe are the biggest benefits of using Windows 365 for businesses. 

1) Greater Flexibility 

It doesn’t come as a surprise that businesses have struggled to rise to the challenges faced over the last few years. By using Windows 365, all types of business are able to provide secure access from a number of locations for seasonal workers or backup employees as and when required. The added flexibility is a god send for CEOs who have only dreamed of such a scenario happening. With Microsoft Cloud hosting the full operating system, you won’t need to maintain costly IT infrastructure or upgrade security to account for employees using their own devices for work. For those situations of high traffic, all you would need to do is to inform your employees and give them a passcode to enable them to access the system. 

2) Hybrid Working Capabilities 

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the modern-day working environment dramatically. Granted that some businesses across the world have returned to the office, many have continued to offer that added flexibility of being able to work from home. As well as businesses, schools and governments are starting to adopt the virtual trend. Windows 365 enables businesses to expand their remote working operations whilst at the same time improving their overall security. Cloud PC transforms personal computers into a digital workplace that is secure, productive and personalised to suit your business work approach. 

3) Accelerated computational power for the workforce 

Maintaining machines and keeping software updated are some of the most expensive problems a business will encounter. When your employees are using dated technology, as well as seeing a reduction in overall productivity in addition to in some cases not being able to complete their day-to-day tasks. Windows 365 is hosted in the cloud and provides only the most up-to-date data, apps, settings and upgrades available. This will enable your employees to have greater access to critical analytics, computing power as well as the apps required to get the job completed. In addition to this, upgrades to business systems won’t be taking weeks, instead, upgrades will be done through the Cloud and will be applied instantly for all employees no matter where they are located. 

Transform the way you work with Windows 365 

Windows 365 has accelerated the power back over to businesses. With instant booting, secure access as well as easy upgrades, there are no limitations on bringing future success to your business. If you want to find out more about upgrading to Windows 365, remote working adoption or moving to the Cloud then please get in touch with one of our IT professionals today

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