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SQL Server 2005 End of Life is coming

We’ve prepared this FAQ to help you make sense of what this means for you and your business.

End of Life? What does this mean?

In a nutshell, Microsoft will discontinue supporting SQL Server 2005. Most software has a support lifecycle, where updates, tweaks and security upgrades are rolled out to enhance the usability and functionality of a product. From April 12th, Microsoft’s support cycle for SQL Server 2005 will end.

Hmm, OK. What’s a SQL Server?

SQL server is a database management system that’s developed exclusively by Microsoft. Its primary purpose is to retrieve and store data when other software applications ask it to do so. Business critical software systems like Dynamics CRM, GP and NAV all utilise and need SQL server when they handle data.

But why can’t I just stick with SQL 2005?

You could stick with SQL 2005. Nothing will stop the software from working – until something goes wrong! Because Microsoft won’t support it anymore, they won’t fix it for you. You’ll also be susceptible to viruses and malicious programmes targeted at exploiting systems running SQL 2005.

Why do Microsoft do this?

To keep up with the latest technology and software trends. According to Microsoft themselves, SQL Server 2014 is 13 times faster than SQL Server 2005. It’s also got the latest security measures bundled and most importantly, it’s still within the support lifecycle.

OK, I get it. So what can I do to upgrade?

You’ve got plenty of options. You can upgrade to SQL Server 2014, or Azure SQL. Why not give Advantage’s Managed Services team a call on 0203 004 4600? We’ll provide you with expert advice and SQL Server upgrade services to maintain your business critical systems.

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SQL server 2005 is fast approaching the end of its support cycle. On April 12th 2016, users will no longer receive the software and security updates, and hotfixes that Microsoft periodically release.