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Microsoft makes OneNote Desktop Client more efficient for laptop batteries

Microsoft recently revealed that it has released a new update for its OneNote Desktop Client which provides laptop users with the chance to maximise their laptop battery life before it needs recharging.

The recently released feature pauses data syncing operations between a user’s PC and the OneDrive cloud storage service, when Windows becomes aware that a user has enabled the power saving mode.

If you are a laptop user who isn’t too worried about conserving your laptop battery but still wants to ensure that your files are safely secured in Microsoft’s cloud servers, you can still do this in OneDrive with the ‘Sync Anyway’ option.

Further updates can be seen in the software’s overall interface around the Activity Centre, where the look and feel has been refreshed to make it easier for users to see the status of the service’s file sync and share activities. And in addition to this, it is now easier to send Microsoft feedback and suggestions within the settings menu. If you wish to share your ideas on how to improve the product further you can be added to Microsoft’s feedback-gathering site, UserVoice.

Given that most businesses are familiar with the ability to store and share files in the Cloud, Microsoft has been making further improvements to its products with more advanced features designed to increase collaboration and enable mobile productivity.

As well as this, a weekly access chart has been rolled out, enabling users to find out how often a file has been accessed by their colleagues. Further improvements have also been made in the Android version of the OneDrive app, which is now gaining a biometric security feature that will allow access to an account through the use of fingerprints on devices that have this enabled.

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