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Microsoft announces new Power Pages to help businesses to design websites

With low code solutions on the rise, Microsoft has recently revealed its latest product, Power Pages which will form part of the Microsoft Power Platform to allow businesses to create websites. Power Pages did previously exist as Power Apps portals, however this has been taken one step further by being redesigned with a whole new user experience added. 

So, what are Power Pages? 

Essentially, it will enable any type of user regardless of whether they are technical or not to create data-powered, modern and secure websites. As well as this product being a very low-code solution, Power Pages takes design far beyond portals to allow businesses of all sizes to easily build websites with new features & advanced capabilities for customisation. 

So, how does it compare to other products on the market? 

It goes without saying but there are plenty of web design startups out there in the market currently. However, the real gamechanger that Microsoft is promoting is the fact that it is capable of seamless integrations which will set it apart from the competitors. To put this into context with an example, Power Pages works well with Visual Studio Code, GitHub, the Power Platform command interface and Azure DevOps to provide users with the ability to automate development workflows. As well as this, Power Pages also enable users to add role-based access controls and web app firewalls through Azure in addition to collecting and sharing business information with site visitors through Microsoft Dataverse. 

Furthermore, amongst other gamechangers with this new product is the Power Pages design studio which provides useful tools to style, configure and publish layouts and pages complete with both text, videos and images as well as forms. Better still, the templates hub will offer readymade websites for use cases whilst the ‘learn hub’ will play host to a number of guides and how to tutorials on how to create websites, model business data as well as work with different code components. 

Next Steps? 

If you are interested in finding out more about Power Pages or looking to discover more about the Microsoft Power Platform or specific components such as Microsoft Power Automate or Microsoft Power Apps then please contact our Power Platform experts today

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