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Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional Licences vs Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise Licences

In a fast moving business environment and with technology advancing at a rapid scale, the importance of choosing the right Dynamics 365 for Sales licence has never been greater for businesses. 

Therefore when it comes to Dynamics 365 for Sales licensing it is so important to ensure that you pick the right licence that will best match the requirements of your day to day users in Dynamics 365. With this in mind, in our latest blog article, we will compare the two main licences for Dynamics 365 for Sales: Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional & Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise. 

ParametersDynamics 365 for Sales ProfessionalDynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise
Accounts & ContactsYesYes
Leads & OpportunitiesYesYes
Products & Price ListsYesYes
Quotes & OrdersYesYes
PowerApps & PowerAutomateYesYes
Dynamics 365 for OutlookYesYes
Microsoft Teams YesYes
Power BIYesYes
 Reporting & Analysis 
Export to ExcelYesYes
Real Time Sales Reports & DashboardsYesYes
Number of Reporting Customisations Allowed5Unlimited
Number of Custom Entities Allowed15Unlimited
Number of Business Process Flows Allowed5Unlimited
Number of Custom Queues Allowed15Unlimited
Number of Third Party Installs Allowed5Unlimited
Number of Custom Forms Allowed2Unlimited
Number of Custom Reports, Charts & Dashboards Allowed5Unlimited
 Additional Capabilities 
Marketing ListsNoYes
Marketing CampaignsNoYes
Embedded IntelligenceNoYes
Quick CampaignsNoYes
Sales PlaybookNo Yes
Sales Goals & Territory ManagementNoYes
Product Taxonomy & RelationshipsNoYes

As you can see from the above comparison table, Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise licensing provides your business with the more comprehensive features to take your sales & marketing strategy to the next level. 

Next Steps? 

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