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Addressing 3 misconceptions when deciding whether to upgrade from NAV to Business Central or not

It goes without saying but when it comes to deciding whether or not to upgrade your Dynamics NAV system it can often cause your business many headaches. Even more so, when you are hearing different things and reasons as to why your business should look to upgrade. 

This is why in this blog article, we will look to address 3 of the biggest misconceptions when deciding whether to upgrade from NAV to Business Central or not. 

Misconception 1: We have to upgrade to improve our overall system performance 

It can often be the case that certain partners persuade their Dynamics NAV customers to believe that if their system is poor in NAV moving over to Business Central will resolve it. The answer to this statement is yes, upgrading to Business Central will transform the performance of the system. 

This is the case as many enhancements have been made to Business Central, meaning that if you choose to upgrade, you will be able to take this opportunity to remove some old data contained within your existing system. However, it is important to note that upgrading isn't the only option available to your business as other areas can be looked at to see if there are areas for improvement in your current system. 

Advantage’s suggestion 

To help to bring about improvements to your existing system, we can explore the environment where your system is held, from this we can review the data as well as carrying out a thorough review to see if there is any inefficient code in your system and optimise it. 

As well as this, we could also look to move your system onto a cloud-based server. This will help to provide your business with extra storage at your most popular times which will be much more cost effective than upgrading. On top of that, you can assess the background posting & other performance improving tools which should be taken into account before progressing with an upgrade. 

Misconception 2: We have to upgrade in order to have access on mobile devices 

Business Central is a cloud-based application (you can get it on-prem too) that providse a native phone and tablet client. This can provide a whole host of benefits in terms of allowing your system to be easily accessible on the go from almost any mobile device. 

Advantage’s suggestion 

It is true that mobile access is a significant advantage of upgrading to Business Central. If you are mainly looking to gain mobile access for your sales team or service contractors then you may also wish to consider using a Microsoft Power App instead

These apps can help extend the overall functionality of your system to mobile devices. Better still, some apps have even more customisations available as well as the capability to be used offline which may be of more benefit than what can be offered as standard in Business Central for mobile users. 

Misconception 3: We have to upgrade as we need to get rid of old data 

Removing old data from your system can be a significant benefit of upgrading to Business Central, however that shouldn’t be the justification for doing so. If removing old data is the only problem you are trying to solve, this can be done within your existing system through the use of a data removal exercise. 

Advantage’s suggestion 

It can often be the case where not all data can be removed, a significant proportion of it can be removed if required without much effort at all. Here at Advantage, we have a great deal of experience in reducing the size of our customers’ databases without having to upgrade it. 

Next Steps? 

If you have read the above article and are still looking to upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central or want to discuss all the options that are available to your business then please get in touch with our team of upgrade experts today

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