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5 reasons why you should move from NAV to Business Central

As many of us already know Dynamics NAV is a well-regarded and commonly used ERP solution used by many small and medium sized businesses across the UK and beyond. Dynamics NAV helps businesses to manage their finances, manufacturing, supply chains, customer relationships and warehouse management. However, given that Dynamics NAV will be eventually phased out, it doesn’t come as a surprise that users will need to make the transition from NAV to Business Central. 

So, what is the difference between NAV and Business Central? 

  1. Business Central is web-based, which makes it easy to both navigate and can help to increase productivity as it can be accessed from any location and any device. 

  1. Seamlessly interlinks with other Microsoft Dynamics products as well as other Microsoft ones. 

  1. The AI coding language used in Business Central allows for better customisations and simpler upgrades released twice a year. 

  1. Business Central can be used both in the Cloud and on-premise if required. 

Given the fact that Business Central is cloud-based, many businesses are looking to make the transition. However, some businesses are still reviewing whether to migrate to Business Central as they do fear that it might not work as well. Therefore, in our latest blog article, we will give you 5 reasons to make the move from NAV to Business Central. 

Much more cost effective 

You will find that Business Central is much cheaper to run because you don’t need expensive infrastructure in place to run it, which will reduce the maintenance costs almost instantly. 

A wide range of native and third-party integration capabilities 

The great thing about Business Central is the fact that it can easily interlink with the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Azure as well as other Microsoft products. As well as this, it also includes an app store called AppSource which opens your business up to endless possibilities to expand the system through third-party applications. Through these applications your business will be able to produce end-to-end business solutions that can be fully customised to your specific needs and simply integrated into your Business Central system. 

Provides a better remote working environment 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic more and more businesses had to turn to remote working to keep going during this period. Employees can easily work from home and can easily access data from wherever that might be after making the move to Business Central from NAV. As well as this, the setup is safe as a result of the high security and disaster recovery features in place. 

Fully scalable as your business grows 

You will notice that Business Central’s AI code makes it easy to customise your system as well as ensuring that your solution is fully scalable. This in turn helps to increase business growth and to keep costs down by limiting licenses to as and when they are needed. 

Seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft stack of products 

You will find that Business Central seamlessly integrates well with Microsoft’s stack of products used by businesses which will help to improve the overall productivity of your business. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is using Dynamics NAV and looking to make the move from NAV to Business Central or if you don’t have either product and are looking to get started with Business Central through our Quick Start package then give our team of ERP specialists a call now

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