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WATCH: How the PGA utilise Microsoft Dynamics CRM

It is widely acknowledged that Golf was born in Scotland during the 15th century. Fast forward to 2016 and Golf has become a multi-million-pound behemoth of a sport, enjoyed by millions globally.

Athletes of varying ability compete in this sport and the Professional Golf Association (PGA) is the body responsible for governing them all. The PGA operates an extraordinarily successful global tour, where athletes compete with one another. The highlights:

  • 100 tournaments
  • Operates in 225 countries
  • Maximum audience of 945 million households
  • Broadcast in 23 different languages

As a consequence, an organisation of the PGA’s calibre attracts a range of customers globally. A key challenge for the PGA was having a system that centralised all of these interactions into one system. They also struggled to glean insight from their data, which is produced by a range of disparate channels. (Social, email, Direct Marketing etc)

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) assisted with this process as they now utilise Social Marketing and Social Listening to engage and understand their customers across multiple channels. They’ve also managed to centralise and clean up all of their associated data using MDM too, which has helped the PGA to make strategic decisions based on concrete data.

Sponsorship is a key part of the PGAs global reach and assists in funding a great deal of their marketing efforts. The PGA is responsible for millions of dollars of advertising. This placed an enormous responsibility on the PGA to ensure the advertising they were selling performed to their client’s needs. MDM has helped to improve sponsor satisfaction by empowering the PGA with the tools to collate, collect and report detailed statistics on the performance of their advertising.

You can watch a video Microsoft put together about their partnership with the PGA at the end of this blog. It’s a great watch and really helps drive home why Microsoft Dynamics has helped the PGA and how Dynamics CRM can help you and your business.

By the way, if you’re interested in Golf, the 2016 PGA Championship is taking place from the 28-31st of July in New Jersey, USA. Our money is on Rory McIlroy!